[Review] The Magic Bus – Το Κάστρο

The Magic Bus is a Psychedelic Rock band born in 2017 in Livadia, Greece whose lyrics are sung in Greek language. Their musical career in addition to a few years spent on the main stages of their country together with prominent Rock groups, led them to produce their debut album. Entitled “Το Κάστρο” meaning The Castle, it was released on September 1, 2021 and contains 11 medium-length tracks. An album that mixes scratchy guitar riffs and interesting bass lines that turn out to be load bearing, the drum parts are a bit repetitive with the passing of the minutes. The vowel in Greek is original but at times not very incisive, while the intensity varies and does not always turn out to be engaging. The sung parts compared to the instrumental ones are prevalent, giving little space to the development of the themes of the tracks that seem to suffer from the lack of solo parts. Overall the disc is smooth but in my humble opinion there are missing those ideas that would make the album more complete, despite having some interesting ideas. It is felt that the artists involved have interesting ideas and an individual technique that adequately refined will surely offer a more elaborate work and less tied to the structure of the song. A disc that differs in some passages from the classic Psychedelic music, creating more Rock modern atmospheres, different from those that a lover of the genre expects. However, it is recommended for lovers of Rock music, with a linear, pleasant and well-played structure, which is why my review is intended to be constructive and not simply a criticism. The execution of the disc is precise and the production is good, it will therefore be interesting to listen to future productions, as well as live performances, as the individual technique of the artists is not lacking. In addition to the opener “Κοντό Φιτίλι” and the title-track some passages are interesting, especially the guitar solo of “Υφαντόκοσμος” and the concluding track “Το Πλοίο των Τρελών” which also presents influences of traditional music. In other phrases, however, the songs differ too much from what we can define Psychedelia, approaching a more Heavy genre.


01. Κοντό Φιτίλι (03:56)
02. Ταξίδι Εντός (04:18)
03. Το Σπίτι του Αστερίωνα (04:00)
04. Ψυχοστασία (04:16)
05. Το Κάστρο (04:53)
06. Παραμύθι (05:01)
07. Σκονισμένα Μυστικά (04:35)
08. Η Πράσινη Νεράιδα (03:41)
09. Υφαντόκοσμος (05:07)
10. Στη Γη της Επαγγελίας (03:22)
11. Το Πλοίο των Τρελών (03:41)


Valantis Dafkos / Lead & Backing Vocals
Ermis Soultanopoulos / Guitars, Backing Vocals
Dina Argiriou / Bass
Paris Gatsios / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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