[Review] Tombstone Eyes – Dust

Tombstone Eyes are an American Heavy Psychedelic band with different sound shades including Prog, Space and Blues, in balance between past and present. After having released a demo and a good debut album in 2020, already reviewed and appreciated on our webzine, on May 5, 2021 “Dust.” 7 tracks, including a short intro, 5 songs from the first album performed live and the Blue Oyster Cult‘s historic hit “Burnin’ For You” as a cover. The formation of this new album is different from the previous one, but the substance does not change, indeed the good sounds heard in the previous chapter in the studio are confirmed. A massive dose of power, strong riffs that develop on two fronts, biting guitars and retro keyboards that take us back to the 70s. The rhythmic session is incisive and the bass lines penetrating and deep, while the sound intertwining between the organ and the guitars give body and volume to the sound. The vocal is often rich in effects, it is lysergic and enveloping and is well suited to pieces with pachydermic movements such as the long “Solar Barge.” The long duration of the song allows to develop the many ideas that the band has, taking the listener to another dimension with high level passages. All the artists involved are able to best express their potential, putting their personal technique at the service of the band. The following “Precession Of The Sun” is shorter in duration but follows the sound atmospheres of the previous one, giving continuity to the musical discourse of the band. Pleasant guitar solo inserts and tempo changes, added value to the band’s sound. “Hungry Ghost” mixes Heavy Prog and Psychedelia with powerful sounds driven by organ background and biting electric guitar inserts. It is a tighter track than the previous ones, always maintaining the personal style of the band, even the vocal is characteristic and original. “Walking Shadows” highlights the organ, although the solo parts are mainly the responsibility of the guitar. The sung parts leave great space for the music that develops the theme with slower but always well constructed and performed movements, without ever decreasing in intensity. The album closes with a Tombstone Eyes‘ version of a song that have made the Rock history: “Burnin ‘For You” by Blue Oyster Cult. The original does not need any presentation, and our guys have managed to re-propose this track by interpreting it with their personal style, a winning bet, I appreciated it. Tombstone Eyes have clear ideas and prove it with this live album, which shows the same quality as its predecessor in the studio. It is not easy to maintain the same precision and power of a live studio album, or rather only those with technique can do it, and they have it. I haven’t found many differences between one production and another and bands like this show once again how quality music is alive and still has so much to say. We are looking forward to another studio album, but this group as heard here is also interesting to listen to live.


1. Intro (Live) 01:08
2. Hydrogen Fog (Live) 02:55
3. Solar Barge (Live) 15:46
4. Precession Of The Sun (Live) 04:50
5. Hungry Ghosts (Live) 07:30
6. Walking Shadows (Live) 08:58
7. Burnin’ For You 05:43


Brownstone / Keyboards, Synths & Vocals
Jason Sipe / Bass
Danny Severson / Guitar
Tim Remis / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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