[Review] The Mothercrow – Magara

The Mothercrow is a Psychedelic/Heavy/Blues Rock band from Barcelona, ​​Spain. Their latest studio album “Magara” was released on May 17, 2019 for Nooirax Producciones. It contains 9 medium-length tracks, which show a mature sound with references to the 60s and 70s, imbued with Psychedelia, Blues and Heavy Rock. The album opens with a “Revolution” with hard sounds with Stoner veins, a tight rhythm and a powerful voice, an engaging song that immediately catapults us into the atmosphere of the album. “Mantis” is softer than the previous one, and from the Blues atmospheres, the 70s come to life in this piece. The voice adapts well to a more interpreted piece, showing off quality and expression. “Stone” is a more elaborate and intricate track, which has a heavier and darker atmosphere, with a killer bass line. “Swait it” returns to faster rhythms, close to Rock’n’Roll, with an excellent hammond background that enhances the sound. Excellent also the test of the guitar and the incessant, powerful and precise rhythmic session. “Forevermore” is a more interpreted song, with slow rhythms and soft melodies, on which the vocal test stands out. A pleasant passage that softens the tones, but there is no lack of pathos, a successful choice. “Gauan” is another slow rhythm track, with a more progressive atmosphere, Claudia’s versatility is shown once again with excellent flute inserts. This band has many ideas and inserts them at the right time. “Lizard Queen” returns with energy and aggression, with a pressing rhythm from Pep to the drum. The effected voice and the distorted guitar riffs with powerful bass lines for another very involving song. The title tyrack “Magara” begins with sitar and a typical ’60s psychedelic atmosphere, then develops a song between Stoner and Blues with the past and present that merge. Everyone collaborates in the song’s success, creating a high-level sound ensemble, with a pleasant voice. The album closes with “Ashes,” a Blues Rock song with clear references to the 70s, adding a modern touch. Here too the hammond enhances the track, which in the second part increases the intensity and in the end a good guitar solo. A band that makes us relive the magic of the golden age of Rock with a personal interpretation. There are references to the music of the past, but they are well-made original by the Spanish band. Note the versatility of Claudia González, who plays different instruments, the high level vocal rehearsal of Karen Asensio and solid and powerful music. Recommended listening, which confirms the good qualities of The Mother Crow, an engaging album with a good mood and good ideas.


1. Revolution (03:22)
2. Mantis (04:06)
3. Stone (05:08)
4. Swait it! (03:14)
5. Forevermore (05:30)
6. Gauan (Lo-kanta) (04:03)
7. Lizard Queen (04:47)
8. Magara (06:52)
9. Ashes (06:05)


Karen Asensio / Lead Vocals, Percussions 
Claudia González / Bass, Background Vocals, Flute, Sitar, Percussions 
Max Eriksson / Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Background Vocals, Percussions 
Pep Carabante / Drums 

Alberto Pérez / Hammond Organ 

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Nooirax Producciones |Official Website|Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Twitter|Soundcloud|YouTube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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