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The Spacelords are a German Psychedelic/Space Rock band, one of the most popular and famous of the current European scene. One of their main characteristics is the proposal of long epic pieces, real musical journeys that project the listener into the deepest space. “Spaceflowers” out on February 21, 2020 on Tonzonen Records is the third and final chapter of the trilogy composed of “Liquid Sun” of 2016 and “Water Planet” of 2017. It consists of three long tracks as the band has often accustomed us, with the usual dynamism and intensity of the trio from Reutlingen, Germany. The three tracks show as many stylistic facets that the genre can assume, with different rhythms and atmospheres. “Cosmic Trip” has a repeated and distorted, dark and penetrating rhythmic session, with the bass and its distorted and hypnotic lines. The guitar offers trippy inserts, with effected melodies and sounds that come and go, there is no better title. “Spaceflowers” has a rhythm with a denser and less acidic bass, more distorted and cutting guitar melodies and a more powerful drum. It is the song that gives the album its title, the sounds are open and psychedelic, while still maintaining marked space influences. In the final part it becomes a little heavier and more distorted, with a good guitar solo. “Frau Kuhknes Kosmos” is the shortest and the most rhythmically track, with a sped up tempo and in some passages it increases in intensity. This song features more rhythmic changes than the previous ones, with the guitar and its effects that lead us on the journey. A good conclusion for this trilogy, and a confirmation for this band that moves very well in the Space/Psych territory. Now a certainty of their kind, with a record that is an authentic journey that combines classic and modern sounds with the characteristic style of the Spacelords. Lovers of space sonorities will be pleasantly impressed, another excellent chapter in their discography.

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Frau Kuhknes Kosmos
Cosmic Trip


Matthias Wettstein / Guitar
Akee Kazmaier/ Bass
Marcus Schnitzler / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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