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Over the years The Samurai Of Prog have earned a place of absolute relevance in the Progressive Rock scene, thanks to the production of high-level albums. Always very attentive to the theme of their productions, in this new work they pay homage to western films made in Italy. Titled “The Spaghetti Epic 4” it was released on June 15, 2022 via Seacrest Oy and contains 6 long-running tracks, including two epic suites of over 20 minutes. As usual, artists from the international scene are added to the lineup, adding their own personal touch to the sound as always. The album opens with “Dead or Alive” composed by Marco Grieco, with a long intro with Western cinematic sounds, and the intensity that increases with the passing of the minutes, transforming the song into a Prog masterpiece. Entirely instrumental, it has strong references to the music of Maestro Morricone, revisited with long Progressive plots that enhance the technique of the instruments of these exceptional artists. In the central part it returns to the sounds of Spaghetti Westerns with the addition of ambient sounds, after a ride-style insert, an amazing synth solo is inserted to close the song with a crescendo. The longest track on the album is the epic suite “Mira al Cuore” composed by Mimmo Ferri, which begins with a deep bass line and elaborate drumming. Intertwining piano and guitar and a sound that combines Western and Rock soundtrack, with a warm and expressive themed Italian vocal. With exceptional duets between keyboards and violin, tempo changes, belts and vocal parts that passionately interpret the lyrics, this song is a journey through the best sounds of modern Prog. The choruses remain in the mind, while the sound is a mixture of instrumental parts rich in technique and refined textures, 23 minutes of pure pleasure. “La Resa dei Conti” is a composition by Alessandro Di benedetti and opens with an instrumental epilogue with melancholic sounds with piano and flute and an orchestral background. Like the previous one, it takes 20 minutes and is divided into 4 parts, which make us relive a very common story in the Old West, a robbery and prison. Very intense vocal parts, complex instrumental plots with the keyboards protagonists, a rhythmic session in continuous change between time changes and elaborate passages. The sound is softer and with a more modern imprinting, with an instrumental section in the central part markedly Symphonic with the flute in evidence and slightly Jazzy features. The vocal returns for the last verses and in the finale the track closes with a very rhythmic instrumental section, a solo synth insert and a pompous ending. The banjo opens “Snakebite” a track composed by Rafael Pacha, who plays various stringed instruments and keyboards, features an intro of traditional American music. With the passing of the minutes it takes on more and more Prog connotations, mixed with a Western and traditional touch, in which keyboard and wind solo inserts follow one another. the rhythm is developed between tempo changes and accelerations, a track that comes close to the Folk Prog sounds of Pacha‘s projects, in which Bernard and Porsti often collaborate. The shortest track on the album “The Fabulous Felipe and His Dancing Squirrels” is composed and performed by David Myers, for solo piano. The sound of a departing train begins “High Noon,” the final track of the album, an instrumental composed by Marco Grieco. The keyboards are the center stage in the first part with fine interweaving of melodies and solo parts, a solid rhythmic session and a purely Progressive sound. Alternating softer parts with the acoustic guitar and more pompous parts with the keyboards protagonists, he concludes this work in an excellent way, enhancing the technique of the band. Every time I receive an album from this collective of artists I am always very happy because they offer high-level albums, confirming at each release to be one of the best Prog realities of recent years. Also this disc presents valuable compositions, centered on Spaghetti Wester, with intense and refined and very original lyrics and music. Those who know this band and its collaborators will know the high quality of their compositions, and in this disc they propose 2 suites of over 20 minutes. Another must-have Prog Rock album, in my opinion another masterpiece for this band, a real pleasure to listen to albums like this one.

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01. Dead or Alive (6:04)
02. Mira al Cuore (23:39)
03. La Resa dei Conti (20:10)
04. Snakebite (8:07)
05. The Fabulous Felipe and His Dancing Squirrels (3:07)
06. High Noon (6:31)


Marco Bernard / Shuker Basses
Kimmo Pörsti / Drums & Percussion

Marco Grieco
 / Keyboards, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Sound Effects
Marc Papeghin / Trumpet
Mimmo Ferri / Keyboards, Electric Guitars, Dulcimer, Viola Braguesa
Juhani Nisula / Electric Guitar
Tommaso Fichele / Vocals
Beatrice Birardi / Glockenspiel, Tubular Bells, Custom Percussion Set “G. Tamborrino”
Adam Diderrich / Violin
Alessandro Di Benedetti / Keyboards
Marcel Singor / Electric Guitar
Stefano “Lupo” Galifi / Vocals
Rafael Pacha / Keyboards, Acoustic & Electric Guitars
Sara Traficante / Flute
David Myers / Piano

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