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Pattern-Seeking Animals is an American band that includes members of Spock’s Beard, John Boegehold on compositions and keyboards. They have released 3 albums, the new “Only Passing Through” was released on April 01, 2022 via InsideOut Music and contains 8 tracks plus. The album opens with “Everdark Mountain” which is the shortest in duration and combines traditional Prog traits and a modern touch, with refined textures and intertwining between guitar and keyboards. The following “I Can’t Stay Here Anymore” begins with rock-hard guitar riffs intertwining with keyboards, with a solid rhythmic session with leading bass lines. The vocal is melodic and engaging, and the band develops a sound in pure Progressive style, with refined passages and valuable tempo changes. In the instrumental section in the central part the keyboards offer excellent solo inserts of those that thrill Prog fans. The vocal returns for the last verses and the song closes, a concentrate of classic and modern sounds proposed with the personal touch of the band. “Time Has a Way” is an epic track of over 13 minutes that starts immediately strong with a pure Prog sound and keyboards immediately protagonists. the guitar intertwines well with the melodies, while the rhythmic session is solid and is enriched by tempo changes that allow the piece to develop on very elaborate and original sounds. With a large amount of sounds that mix, they combine heavier passages with symphonic openings, with long instrumental sections that enhance the technique of the musicians involved. The vocal with a markedly Prog setting alternates very engaging and dynamic solo and choral parts. A key track for the album given its long duration, a masterpiece of modern Prog. Delicate arpeggios open “Rock Paper Scissors” to which is added a march-style drumming, which soon gives way to a warm and expressive vocal. With 70s Folk and Prog influences, it shows a more delicate and dreamy facet of the band, bringing our minds back to the golden years of the genre. Another track that continues to keep the level of the record very high, intense and passionate. Granitic guitar riffs and a more Rock sound characterize the intro of “Much Ado,” which blends more delicate passages with more Heavy tempo changes. The imprint is more modern, with a more linear structure in the first part, even if original, to then increase the intensity in the second and propose an instrumental section with an intense guitar solo. Ambient-sounding keyboards open “Only Passing Through” on which a warm and expressive vocal and an orchestral background are inserted. With a good mix between keyboards and guitar, intense vocals and a solid rhythmic session, they develop a good track with softer passages and others more Progressive. “Said the Stranger” returns to the purest Progressive sounds, with an orchestral background upon which they build elaborate textures of keyboards and massive guitar riffs. The rhythm session is enriched by continuous tempo cacmbi, engaging vocal parts and the piece features instrumental parts of exquisite workmanship. With technical soloists inserts, they manage to combine traditional and more modern sounds, giving their own personal touch to the piece. The album ends with “Here with You with Me” which begins with pompous keyboards and powerful drumming, enriched by the tempo changes on which the guitar is inserted. With Neo Prog sounds and forays into ’70s Prog, this song is elaborate and technical, with exceptional instrumental textures. Good harmony between guitar and keyboards, as well as the vocals, while the rhythm session is solid and elaborate. This band is confirmed as one of the best of the modern scene, managing to propose the purest sounds of Prog with their own personal touch. Long instrumental passages and intense and expressive vocal parts, with the structure of the pieces enriched by continuous tempo changes, as in the best tradition. A masterpiece of modern Prog, recommended to all lovers of the genre, full of ideas composed and executed in an exceptional manner.

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01. Everdark Mountain (2:50)
02. I Can’t Stay Here Anymore (6:05)
03. Time Has a Way (13:15)
04. Rock Paper Scissors (5:01)
05. Much Ado (4:49)
06. Only Passing Through (4:19)
07. Said the Stranger (7:07)
08. Here with You with Me (8:14)
09. I’m Not Alright (4:17) *
10. Just Another Day at the Beach (3:32) *

* Bonus tracks


Jimmy Keegan / Drums, Vocals
Ted Leonard / Lead Vocals, Guitar
Dave Meros / Bass
John Boegehold / Keyboards

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