[Review] The Spyrals – Same Old Line

The Spyrals are a band born in San Francisco from an idea of guitarist and harmonica player Jeff Lewis in the early 2010s and recently moved to Los Angeles. Following the move there was also a change to the drum and the entry into the rooster of the London label Fuzz Club Records. “Same Old Line” is the fourth full-length of the band, which highlights a mature sound and a good understanding between the musicians involved. Featuring 8 medium length tracks, the album was released on November 14, 2020 via Fuzz Club Records and is available on LP, CD, Cassette and Digital. The sounds are reminiscent of bands such as The Velvet Underground, 13th Floor Elevator and soloists such as Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Muddy Waters, with a modern and personal touch that makes them one of the bands of the moment to follow closely. The album contains all the elements you would expect from a listening to this genre, a solid rhythm session, fuzz, distorted and clean guitars that intertwine, the vocal in pure American 60s style and that extra touch given by the harmonic. The intertwining of Rock, Blues and American music is well constructed, with the right amount of singing and musical parts, with some solo inserts reminiscent of the heyday of Rock. The tracks are engaging, as well as the lineup of the album is smooth, with the quality of the recording that has that vintage touch reminiscent of the records of the time, giving the feeling of being back in the years. Nothing new, but a blend of multiple influences with that personal and modern touch that make this album an enjoyable listen. The work was also recorded in the new drummer’s garage, proving that he had clear ideas and how to put them into practice. Overall, an album recommended to all lovers of late 60s Rock sound with a strong American accent and Blues veins, in an original and modern version. A band to follow also in the years to come and that will be interesting to listen to live, especially for the engaging structure of the tracks.


01. Same Old Line (04:27)
02. Don’t Turn Me Down (03:16)
03. In Your Room (05:17)
04. Goodbye (03:20)
05. There’s A Feeling (06:33)
06. Sympathy (03:28)
07. Just Won’t Break (03:28)
08. Bleed (05:58)


Jeff Lewis / Guitar, Fuzz Pedal, Harmonica and Vocals
Michael McDougal / Bass
Dash Borinstein / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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