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The Wild Century is a Dutch band featuring Psychedelic Rock with mystical traits, which released their new album “5” on March 26, 2021. Containing 5 medium to long-length tracks, it’s a good journey through the band’s sounds. , which manages to bring the atmosphere of the late 60s to the present day. The opener “Don’t You Miss Me” opener that starts with a warm vocal and acoustic guitar, then develops with scratchy guitar and organ riffs over a solid rhythm session. It’s a Neo Psychedelia track where the guitar is at the center of the melodies and the organ in the background. An energetic track that also gives the right space to a guitar solo in the central part, and then in the final slow down and close with an acid section. “Maria” opens with 60s-style sounds, guitar and organ intertwining and a warm and expressive vocal. The rhythmic session is slower than the previous one and the track is more lysergic and enveloping, less energetic but still intense. We are in the middle of the album with “The Long Road” which starts with a hypnotic bass line and granite guitar riffs and an elaborate structure. Mainly instrumental and full of tempo changes, between accelerations and solos, it is one of the best sections of the album. A distorted bass and a carpet of hammond open “Move On” reminiscent of Hendrix sounds, and with good intertwining between guitar and keyboard. The intensity increases with the passage of the song, with an aggressive vocal and a driving bass line, and some ideas that flow into the sound of the first Prog branded from the 60s. The longest track “Downfall” closes the disc with over 9 minutes of music that begins with an imposing organ and a distorted and scratchy guitar. After a slower first part and with a good guitar solo, with a change it accelerates and proposes another prolonged solo and Psychedelic. Entirely instrumental and full of energy, it is a good conclusion, engaging and intense with good ideas and a good mix of instruments. A band that confirms what has been heard in the previous releases, tracing the Psychedelic sounds of the late 60s, managing to bring those atmospheres back to the present day. The guitar is at the center of the sound, with good intertwining with the hammond and a solid rhythmic session enriched by tempo changes. A recommended listening for all lovers of Psychedelic Rock sounds and a band that confirms that they have good ideas and know how to develop them with intensity.


1. Don’t You Miss Me (06:31)
2. Maria (05:39)
3. The Long Road (06:10)
4. Move On (05:40)
5. Downfall (09:33)


Stan Aarts / Electric Guitar & Vocals
Gerton Govers / Acoustic Guitar, Sitar Guitar & Vocals
Joris Verbogt / Electric Bass
Butsenzeller / Drums
Paola Pica / Hammond Organ

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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