[New Releases] March 2021 Progressive Rock new releases

March 01, 2021ArtnatThe Mirror EffectProgressive Rock
March 03, 2021Reflection ClubStill Thick As A BrickFolk Prog[REVIEW]
March 03, 2021ReflectionsIIIProgressive Rock/Metal
March 04, 2021Kerrs PinkPresence of LifeSymphonic Prog[REVIEW]
March 05, 2021Empire Bathtub2 Looney 2 MoonsProgressive Rock/Metal
March 05, 2021Am MutOpus MagnumInstrumental Progressive Rock
March 05, 2021Travis OrbinProjects IIIInstrumental Progressive Rock/Metal, Fusion
March 05, 2021Illegal AliensThe Round WindowInstrumental Avant Prog
March 05, 2021CastVigesimusProgressive Rock
March 05, 2021Rascal ReportersRedux, Vol. 2: Rascals Revenge and the Great ResetAvant Prog
March 05, 2021Suburban SavagesDemagogue DaysProgressive Rock/Pop
March 07, 2021Vian FernandesHalf LifeProgressive Rock
March 08, 2021LifesignsAltitudeProgressive Rock
March 09, 2021Stephan ThelenFractal Guitar 2Instrumental Progressive Rock, Space Rock
March 10, 2021Jay TausigTrue To LifeInstrumental Psychedelic, Progressive Rock
March 12, 2021AmartiADaylight BeautyProgressive Rock
March 12, 2021ArchangelThird WarningProgressive Rock
March 12, 2021MinutianMagical ThinkingProgressive Rock/Metal
March 12, 2021TwangmenTriskele and CascadesInstrumental Progressive Rock, Psychedelic
March 12, 2021Kombynat Robotron-270°CInstrumental Progressive Rock, Psychedelic, Krautrock
March 12, 2021Black ExpressionRegreso a CasaInstrumental Symphonic Prog
March 12, 2021JPLSapiens, Chapter 2/3: Deus ex MachinaProgressive Rock
March 13, 2021Ehsan GelsiEphemeraInstrumental Progressive Rock, Electronica
March 15, 2021CastVigesimusProgressive Rock
March 16, 2021Mahogany FrogIn The Electric UniversePsychedelic, Electronica, Fusion
March 18, 2021Human FactorObserverInstrumental Post/Space/Progressive Rock
March 19, 2021Perfect StormNo AirProgressive Rock
March 19, 2021Laughing StockZero Acts 1 & 2Art Rock
March 19, 2021Simon McKechnieRetroProgressive Rock
March 19, 2021AinurWar Of The JewelsSymphonic Prog
March 19, 2021Egor LappoTrancevoicerProgressive Rock/Metal
March 19, 2021Hedvig Mollestad TrioDing Dong. You’re Dead.Instrumental Jazz-Rock, Fusion
March 19, 2021Yossi Sassi & the Oriental Rock OrchestraHear and DareProgressive Rock
March 19, 2021Morpheus Project by Mustafa KhettyMozaickEclectic Progressive Rock
March 19, 2021Psychic EqualizerRevealed IIProgressive Rock
March 20, 2021The Emerald DawnTo Touch the SkyProgressive Rock
March 20, 2021Alexandra ZernerSilhouetteInstrumental Progressive Rock
March 20, 2021ThunderCloudHealing The HoopProgressive Rock
March 20, 2021Tatsu AkibaSwans Dance, Roses Bloom Like MadProgressive Rock
March 21, 2021MaterialeyesThree of a KindProgressive Rock
March 21, 2021The SettlementDeparturesProgressive Rock, Psychedelic
March 22, 2021Permian IncidentAll The Things No Tomorrow BringsProgressive Rock
March 26, 2021ComsografRattrapanteProgressive Rock
March 26, 2021John HoldenCircles in TimeProgressive Rock
March 26, 2021Downes Braide AssociationHalcyon HymnsProgressive Pop/Rock
March 26, 2021Jane Getter PremonitionAnomaliaProgressive Rock
March 26, 2021Nick FletcherCycles of BehaviourProgressive Rock
March 26, 2021Astral BazaarPictures UnrelatedProgressive Rock, Psychedelic
March 26, 2021Trettioåriga KrigetTill HorisontenProgressive Rock
March 26, 2021AqvilesMemoria FósilProgressive Rock, Hard Rock
March 26, 2021Joost van DongenThe Ageless Gate (A Cello Tale)Classical, Progressive Rock
March 26, 2021The Writhing SquaresChart For The SolutionPsychedelic, Space Rock, Krautrock
March 26, 2021La Morte Viene Dallo SpazioTrivial VisionsSpace Rock
March 26, 2021The Wild Century5Psychedelic Rock[REVIEW]
March 28, 2021GalaadParadis posthumesProgressive Rock
March 29, 2021HillwardAlternate TimelinesProgressive Rock/Metal
March 30, 2021MarchIn This TimeProgressive Rock/Pop
March 31, 2021Different StringsThe sands of timeProgressive Rock

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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