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Thy Catafalque is the project of the Hungarian multi-instrumentalist Tamas Katai at its ninth release with “Naiv.” Published January 24, 2020 on Season Of Mist, it contains 9 medium-length tracks, with the collaboration of many guest musicians. Characterized as always by an eclectic sound and drawing on the most varied genres and styles, starting from a Metal base, often trespassing and giving life to a particular and original sound mix. The album opens with “A bolyongás ideje” which begins with massive guitars and a solid rhythmic session and litanic female voices. Guitars and synths guide the sound, which immediately immerses us in the disc’s atmosphere, dark and with constant time changes, with the right amount of processing and sound impact. “Tsitsushka” with a tighter rhythm, and a bass with hypnotic lines and massive and dark tending riffs. Jazzed in melodies and with the presence of wind instruments that take the sound to another level on slap bass lines. An excellent mix, original and well structured and performed, a song worthy of note, with a pleasant duet between synth and breath in the finale. “Embersólyom” is a track with oriental flavours for melodies and vocals, which blend with the modern and heavier features of their sound. The intensity increases with the passage of the track with a majestic final part with drums and the song closes accelerating. “Számtalan színek” is a short passage of just over 2:30 minutes with dreamy orchestrations and melodies, which gives a pleasant detachment and guides us to the next “A valóság kazamatá .” It starts with electronic synth sounds, then releases the whole power of the band, incisive rhythms and a hypnotic melody that transports us on the journey. Halfway through, an almost shouted vocal enters and the atmospheres are transformed into softer and more intricate characters. We pass from more melodic and calm moments to powerful and dark openings with heavy riffs and a massive rhythmic session and with an effected vocal. “Kék madár (Négy kép)” begins with a flute and traditional instruments with experimental features. Suddenly with a great change we enter a fast rhythm with a repeated and penetrating synth arpeggio, an electronic drum rhythm is inserted that takes us to the end. Between layers of keyboards and woodwinds, the song connects to the next “Napút” where massive guitar riffs and female voices return. The rhythm is pulled with good bass lines, sometimes accelerated and with more melodic pauses. In the instrumental ending a good guitar solo ends the song. “Vető” is one of the best moments on the record for development and execution, the one that best expresses the band’s musical ideas. The dark atmospheres alternate with the more positive ones, in a precise and expertly managed plot, the parts played give space to many instruments and express the best that the band can offer. In the end the vocal returns and closes with the dark riffs that had opened the song. “Szélvész” is the song that closes the album, with energy and massive guitar riffs, sharp synth inserts and male voices. In the central part the rhythmic session is drawn to the maximum and emphasizes the power of the song, in the final the vocal returns and with the last verse closes. This album is another good chapter in the Hungarian musician’s discography. As we have become accustomed to earlier, his sound mixes are quality with original ideas, however giving space to a surely satisfactory unpredictability. An album that after a few plays will reveal its true essence, which given its sound variety at first glance is not fully perceived. My personal and modest note, the use of programming instead of a real drum does not enhance to such an elaborate and particular work.


1.A bolyongás ideje(04:55)
4.Számtalan színek(02:34)
5.A valóság kazamatái(05:30)
6.Kék madár (Négy kép)(06:27)


Tamás Kátai (Gire) / Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Citera, Darbuka, Programs
Martina Veronika Horváth (ex-Niburta, SallyAnne, Nulah)/ Vocals
Gyula Vasvári (Perihelion) / Vocals
Zoltán Kónya (Gire) / Vocals
Badó Réti (Gire) / Fretless Bass
Vajk Kobza / Oud
Gábor Drótos (Gutted) / Cello, Viola, Violin, Classical Guitar
Marilú Theologiti / Cello
Zoltán Pál (Sear Bliss) / Trombone
Péter Jelasity / Saxophone
Sándor Szabó / Quena Flute
P. W. Hermann / Voice 

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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