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Tranzat is a band from Brest, France that offers Progressive Metal with forays into different genres, with intricate compositions and in some ironic thematic passages. The refined sounds of the band, which embrace multiple genres and styles, are the strong point of the band, very technically gifted. The third and new album “Ouh La La” is the first released via Klonosphere Records and was released on April 01, 2022. Inside we find 9 medium-long duration tracks, with some bizarre titles that distinguish their sought-after artistic vein. The opening track “Shall We Dance?” it is a discharge of power, characterized by heavy guitar riffs and a powerful rhythmic session enriched with continuous tempo changes. The vocal is energetic and dynamic and adapts well to the power of the music, which develops with continuous accelerations mixing Prog Metal and more Extreme strokes. Granitic guitar riffs open “Lobster Beaujolais” and then develop a track that alternates very refined vocal parts that mix choral features, recited inserts and other very intense and energetic cleans. The rhythm session adds power to the sound with massive drumming and load-bearing bass lines, but the bizarre textures that blend with Metal are the real strength of the song. In the instrumental sections the technique of the musicians involved is enhanced with sophisticated and technical passages and tempo changes. With a softer start “Mr. Awesome” begins between guitar rpeggios and a warm and expressive clean vocal, while the intensity increases with the passing of the milks. After a softer first part, they return to the heavier sounds with good guitar textures and a winning blend of Prog Rock and Metal traits. The constant tempo changes enhance the band’s technique, skilled in creating engaging and elaborate tracks like this one. The next long titled “Climbing Tibetan Mountains to Learn the Secrets of the Mind” starts with heavy guitar riffs and a mammoth rhythm session. The vocal features various ranges throughout the song, passing from Townsend-style screamed parts to various clean and aggressive modulations. The music also moves on several fronts, combining heavier sections of Metal with long instrumental textures of a more Prog matrix, with the continuous tempo changes of the rhythm session that allow you to explore all the boundaries of the Heavy genre. “Lord Dranula” varied between various genres, united by the personal touch of the band, starting with riffs close to Doom, and then developing on Prog Metal sounds with Extreme traits. A track that alternates aggressive passages and frenetic accelerations with others with the opera-style vocal. One of the tracks that best expresses the musical concept of the band, with highly sought-after instrumental parts that enhance the band’s technique. The guitar takes center stage with intense and virtuoso solos, delivering a fun insert with Happy Birthday To You. “Morning Glories” mixes Prog Metal with a light touch Alternative, heavy riffs and sharp guitar inserts alternate with a powerful and incisive drumming. The vocal alternates very well the aggressive and other warmer parts, with the music being a succession of quieter and dilated passages and discharges of energy and power. With a monolithic rhythm session and heavy guitar riffs opens “My Dear Washer,” a track with a dark atmosphere with an aggressive vocal and strong impact. Enriched by tempo changes that alternate Jazzy inserts with heavy Metal accelerations creating a massive sound. A track that follows the most medern and hard sounds of the genre with an other excellent vocal interpretation and good guitar works, always at the center of the scene. An accelerated and frenetic departure characterizes “Pillow Fight” with dizzying rhythms and melodies and a vocal that alternates dirty parts with others with more operatic features. In the central part the sound becomes softer, and then develops with continuous changes in tempo and accelerations, certainly the most Extreme track of the disc. The album closes with “Global Warning” which is the longest track, exceeding 8 minutes in duration. In the first part the sound is of a more classic Prog Metal mold, and then develops with the personal traits of the band and forays into more modern and heavy sounds. In the central instrumental section we find a softer passage that leads to an intense guitar solo returning to the more classic sounds of Prog Metal. A band that manages to propose an innovative sound with very personal traits, starting from Prog Metal and shaping it through their own ideas. An intense and energetic album with technical passages and a dynamic singing that offers different vocal styles, solid rhythmic sessions enriched by tempo changes. The guitar takes center stage in the solo parts and the band has quality ideas well composed and executed. A listening recommended for lovers of the harder sounds of Prog Metal, however difficult to insert the band into a single genre, offering a mixture that explores the genre at 360 degrees.


01. Shall We Dance? (03:57)
02. Lobster Beaujolais (05:37)
03. Mr. Awesome (06:40)
04. Climbing Tibetan Mountains to Learn the Secrets of the Mind (05:41)
05. Lord Dranula (05:00)
06. Morning Glories (06:44)
07. My Dear Washer (05:35)
08. Pillow Fight (06:16)
09. Global Warning (08:44)


Thomas Coic / Drums
Nicolas Galakhoff / Bass and Backing Vocals
Manuel Ligard / Guitar and Lead Vocals
Benjamin Arbellot / Guitar, Synth and Backing Vocals

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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