[Review] Wooden Legs – Animali

Wooden Legs is an Italian Folk-Celitic music band with marked Prog influences. Their style differs from the classic groups of their kind, with tempo changes and a solid rhythmic session close to Rock. In 2020 they released “Animali,” new album that shows a mature sound and confirms the great qualities of the band. Both in the instrumental and in the sung parts, the individual technique comes out with pleasant melodies and constant rhythm changes. As said, they approach the Folk Prog sounds, recalling the style of groups such as The Strawbs and Clannad. Obviously the matrix of Folk-Celtic music is predominant, but as stated by the band itself in a pleasant chat “we have a lot of Prog influences.” It specifies the mixture between modern and traditional, where the typical sounds of the genre intersect with the new ones creating a unique mix. The vocal is solid and harmonious and the atmospheres created by the instruments bring us straight to Ireland. The sudden changes in tempo and the construction of the tracks, never banal, are an added value for albums to listen to and listen to again given the amount of ideas inside. Recommended listening for all lovers of traditional Irish sounds, but also for Prog listeners. The sound quality and technique of the artists involved make this record one of the best plays of the genre of the last few years, smooth and very pleasant, mature and original.


1. We Ne’er Shall Wean Her
2. Back Home to Derry
3. Paw on the Pan
4. Raggle Taggle Gips
5. Spancil Hill
6. Big Be(a)ver
7. Bonny Black Hare
8. Animali
9. Billy
10. Lame is the Dancing Llama
11. Oró, sé do bheatha bhaile


Giovanni Settimo / Vocals, Guitar
Alice Porro / Flutes, Tin Whistle
Sebastiano Frattini / Fiddle
Michele Blasina / Bass guitar
Anselmo Luisi / Vocals, Bodhran, Drums, Percussion

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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