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Vulkan are a Swedish progressive metal band, originally from Karlstad and with two albums to their credit, their third work “Technatura” scheduled for release in 2020. Containing 12 songs that confirm what has been heard in the two previous albums showing a mature sound and from the various facets always referring to Prog Metal. The album opens with “This visual hex” very elaborate song with a solid rhythmic session, powerful guitar riffs and excellent keyboard layers. The structure of the song is very elaborate and changeable with various tempo changes, solid bass lines and excellent phrasing. of guitar and keyboards. The vocal stands out on the music offering a solid and positive test, the melodies darker express the best of the band’s ideas. A good opener that immediately immerses us in the Progressive atmospheres of the album with an insert of flute in the second part that takes the sound to another level. “Hunter” passage made of whispered voices and acoustic guitar that guides us towards the third track “Redemption simulations”. It begins with a solid rhythmic section with a hypnotic bass and sliced drums to which are added percussion and tenacious riffs on the guitar, the dark atmosphere permeates the song. The vocal alternates clean layers with layers and sliced, offering here also a good solid and hypnotic rehearsal as the bass lines. more melodic and sung in the first part in the second instrumental part it takes on more anxiety-like characters with excellent layers of keyboards in the background and then closes. “Bewildering conception of truth” begins with an intricate rhythmic section and grim riffs of electric guitar supported by excellent Progressive keyboards. Bass as always is a great protagonist of rhythm and carves out an important space in the background of each track. The unmistakable style of the band is best expressed in this which is one of the best tracks of the album that alternate more relaxed moments with other heavier ones in Progressive Metal style. The vocal here is mainly clean, solid and rocky which is well suited to the various situations of the song, the intricate structure adds quality to a piece that reaches very high levels in terms of technique and elaboration. “Klangas snara” is a passage from oriental atmospheres of short duration that does not exceed 2 minutes, another passage between one track and another. In “Rekviem” here too we have a fairly intricate structure driven from below and by a slightly more linear battery. The vocal here is more acute and expressive in the 70s style, while the sound of the track seem softer than in previous songs. The song gains intensity and elaboration with the passing of the minutes which is also one of the highest moments of the album. “Spokskepp” begins with a taut and very rhythmic rhythm different from the previous songs with excellent support keyboard and an intricate and iridescent structure. As said the rhythm changes are constant and you go from darker moments to opening and more cheerful, with the vocal offering one of the best performances of the album. the different facets of the band also emerge in this song and in the second part more space is given to the percussive session with drums and drums. “Technatura” is the title track of the album a passage not even a minute with bass guitar and atmospheric effects passage that dampens the tones between the long tracks on the disc. “Marans ritt” is a song that is similar in structure and interpretation to the previous ones but with the difference of being shorter. Also here are the riffs and an expressive vocal are the peculiar characteristics on a solid structure with the bass again highlighted. The phrasing of drums as always are solid and precise and well sustain the time in the duration of the tracks. “Blinding ornaments” begins with atmospheric effects and then enters a session made of drums and choirs that guides us for a soft and more melodic piece than the previous ones. As a demonstration of the various sonic facets of the band, this song with different characteristics showcases the various influences from which the band draws, as well as its versatility. “The royal fallacy” returns with rhythmic the most intricate and disturbing melodies and with a duration of 10 minutes, during which the band expresses at best all its mix of melody and power. Alternating at best moments of calm with more powerful openings up to a moment he even sang in growl and then returned to the final part then classic style with technical quality. Closes the album “The madness sees no end” begins with sliced ​​drums, the keyboards here guide the sound and are inserted above the very audacious rhythms of electric guitar. The rhythm section here is very powerful variegated with the drums offering very intricate traits. A worthy vulcan-style conclusion. An album whose structure and development has nothing to envy to the releases of more noble groups, both the compositional and the executive parts are of high profile. A work that could be appreciated not only by lovers of the genre given the numerous influences that make up the sound, although starting from a basic genre like Progressive Metal this album has different veins starting from Rock ending up in subgenres of Metal more modern. the vocal test worthy of note facing various styles and adapting the various situations of the album, one thing not to be underestimated is the rhythmic session with the bass always protagonist and its very intricate lines. The drums offer a solid and massive proof as well as the guitar that denotes both power and melody and harmony in the calmest moments, with the keyboards that always offer excellent layers making themselves sometimes protagonists. ultimately a recommended album and a band that I am convinced that, as far as heard, it will be talked about positively in the future.

Album can be pre-redered via the band’s Official Website listed below.


01. This visual hex
02. Hunter
03. Redemption simulations
04. Bewildering conception of truth
05. Klangas snara
06. Rekviem
07. Spokskepp
08. Technatura
09. Marans ritt
10. Blinding ornaments
11. The royal fallacy
12. The madness sees no end


Jimmy Bob Lindblad / Vocals
Johan Norbäck / Drums
Christian Fredriksson / Guitars
Oscar Pettersson / Bass  

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