[Hidden Rarities #22] Airlord (New Zeland)

Airlord was a band from New Zealand formed in 1976, which had a very short life, having only released one album titled “Clockwork Revenge” in 1977. Their short career did not see them great protagonists in the local scene, thus bringing them to the dissolution in 1978, without leaving a trace. The only exception was Steve MacKenzie and Reece Kirk who formed a duo called Friends, who released two singles, one in 1974 and the other in 1975. Reece had also released a single by himself in 1972. Paradoxically the fact of proposing music own and personal in style and genre, did not allow the band to impose itself on the general public in their country, leading them to have to leave New Zealand in order to have a comfortable life. Also in 1977 was also released a promotional LP entitled “Airlord Festival Radio Special” containing interviews. From the album “Clockwork Revenge” was extracted the 45 rpm “Pictures In A Puddle” with side B “Is It Such A Dream” both contained in the full-length. It is to be considered a Hidden Rarity as it is the only release of a band both deserving as regards quantity and for the quality expressed in the very valuable album. Reissued on CD only in 2004 and later in 2015, while in LP in addition to the original 1977 version there is a 1983 version, without however reaching too high prices in any version. Very valid musically, it is a recommended listening to all lovers of Progressive music of the golden years. A good record release from an unusual country, but which in some situations like this have offered a very interesting work.

Steve Mackenzie says, “I was born in Taumaranui but got into school bands in Hamilton,” he says. “I named my first band Genesis, until I found an English band of the same name in the NME. We became Ryot, the name for an Indian peasant cultivator! We played covers of the rock hits of the day – Steppenwolf, The Rolling Stones etc.


1977Clockwork RevengeInfinity 


Raymond SimenauerVocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Alan BlackburnKeyboards
Brad MurrayBass, Harmony Vocals
Steve MacKenzieVocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Rick MercerDrums, Percussion

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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