[Hidden Rarities #5] Pre

Pre was formed in Kentucky in 1973, the group had a short life, in fact in the same year they record their only album, and then they melt. The album remains hidden for years and sees the light in 1992 thanks to ZNR Records, ending up very out of print, and still is. The style of the Pre is very variegated and complete, passing from more symphonic pieces with acoustic guitar to more developed Prog with Hammond and Mini-Moog in great evidence. Electric guitar proposes some solos worthy of note, while those of 12 strings like melodic breaks are completed by a very high level vocal, given by the qualities of Collinsworth. Like many other bands of the same time, the influences of the genre as Yes and ELP principally, adding details that make this wonderful work unique, such as the bow guitar. The complexity of the compositions is functional to the success of the album. The most driven pieces alternate with softer moments, creating an attractive and smooth tracklist. The technical skills of the group are indisputable, making this record, unfortunately the only one, one of the masterpieces of the Obscure-Prog. Not being published at the time, Pre never had a real activity in the 70s, and even going out of print so quickly, it was always hard to hear about them. Really strange that a job of this level is not given the right value and attentions. Even the quality of the recordings is perfect, like the mixing, in fact it remains a mystery that after the 1992 press, it was never reprinted again. Keyboardist Paulson, the only one in the line-up who has remained in the musical circle, spoke in an interview: “I’m still Progressive, but I have incorporated a more global music source.” He produced some records, which however differ from the band’s style. This group carves out its space in this editorial, being really a hidden treasure, given the difficulty encountered in finding a copy. All the pieces are worthy of note, without ever falling in intensity as the minutes pass, an album that surprises for the quality expressed in the compositional phase. Between guitar solos, pure ’70 Prog style keyboards, a sweet and harmonic voice, remarkable rhythmic changes and the various passages. Absolutely recommended to all Prog lovers, especially for those who prefer a more symphonic sound, even if has accelerations and movements in style like Yes and ELP over all, it will surely be pleasant to all palates of the Progressive audience. They would deserve and still deserve greater consideration both among the fans, but also among the experts. A Must among the “Hidden Rarities“.


Pre (1973) but released only in 1992 via ZNR Records (Out of catalog)


Alfred Collinsworth / Vocals, 12-string Guitar
Larry Collinsworth / Electric 6- and 12-string Guitars
Brian Paulson / Hammond Organ, Electric and Acoustic Pianos, Mini-Moog
Steve DeMoss / Bass, Vibes, Glockenspiel
Dwight Dunlap / Drums, Percussion

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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