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We are pleased to offer you in this article an interview with an American trio that offers Psychedelic sounds contaminated by Heavy and Krautrock traits whose new album “Regenerator” was released on September 02, 2022. Welcome King Buffalo.

Hi how are you?

Very good! I hope you are able to say the same!

The genre you propose is a Psychedelic Rock with different contaminations between Heavy and Krautrock, where does your passion for these sounds come from?

My love for big guitar riffs started when I was young. I found a copy of Black Sabbath Paranoid in a box of my parents old records in the attic and I thought the art looked cool. I put the record on and was hooked. My first introduction into more psychedelic music was Pink Floyd Animals when I was about 10 years old.
Those 2 records were probably the most influential in laying the foundation of my musical tastes.

Your new album “Regenerator” was released on September 02, 2022 how would you describe this work?

I’d describe Regenerator as some of our most exuberant and optimistic work to date.

Long tracks, elaborate plots, what are the themes of the album?

The main themes revolve around growth, change and rejuvenation.

Your music is full of contaminations of different genres and styles, how does the composition of the tracks take place?

The vast majority of our songs start out as jam sessions. I’ll take the recordings home and start cutting things up and rearranging parts and will send them to Dan and Scott for feedback. Once we get the general arrangement ironed out, I’ll start working on concepts and lyrics and start going back and forth with Scott until the lyrics are finalized.

Many of your fans and our readers are wondering if there will be a chance to hear your music live, do you have any plans for that?

We have a bunch of tour dates in the US this fall, and are currently working on finalizing plans for Europe and North America in 2023. Folks interested should check out kingbuffalo.com to see our full list of dates.

In an ever-changing music market, how do you see the future of your genre?

The underground heavy psychedelic rock scene is so strong. The fans and community in general are so supportive and passionate that I feel like this genre is a little more stable, and maybe less impacted by changing trends that come and go in the broader music scene. I think the genre is flourishing and I think its going to stay that way for a long time. Anyone who says “rock music is dead” is absolutely clueless to the incredible amount of amazing music being put out on a daily basis.

Yours is a very interesting album full of ideas, do you already have plans for future releases?

No solid plans at the moment. Our main focus is going to be touring and performing for a little bit, but I’m sure new ideas will start creeping in soon.

The music market has changed a lot in recent years, how difficult is it to establish yourself with a more sought-after musical genre like yours?

Its very difficult, but I’d also say that it’s not worth really stressing too hard about it. These things can take a long time. Don’t get caught up comparing yourself to anyone else’s timeline or notoriety. We’ve been a band for about 9 years now, and I feel like we didn’t really start getting our name out there until pretty recently. I think its much better to put your energy into making music you are passionate about and tuning out as much outside pressure as possible.

What advice would you give to a young band approaching the modern music scene by offering Psychedelic sounds?

I think the most important piece of advice I can give a young band is to tour as much as you’re able to. It helps in so many different ways. First of all, it just makes you better. You learn so much about your instrument, the way you play it, your gear, your bandmates gear, how your songs translate live and so many other different things. It is invaluable experience that cannot be replicated any other way. You also end up meeting tons of people, whether its other bands you can trade shows with, promoters, photographers, bartenders, artists, friends etc. I really am a big believer in touring, especially as a young up and comer. The tours will be brutal for a long time, and you’ll play a ton of shows to empty rooms, but if you can get through all of that you will come out the other side better for it. And make sure you have decent merchandise to sell while you’re out there.

As usual I leave the last question free, to allow you to talk about any topic of your choice not touched on in the previous questions.

Nothing really to add here. Just a big old THANK YOU!

I thank King Buffalo for the pleasant interview, wishing them the best for the continuation of their musical career.

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