[Interview] Xavier Boscher: “10 records that changed my life”

From Marty Friedman and Joe Satriani to Iron Maiden and Death, Xavier Boscher, a French Rock Prog Metal/New-Age guitarist who has released many albums since 1995, picks the 10 albums that changed his life:

01. Cynic – Focus
02. Megadeth – Countdown to Extinction
03. Iron Maiden – Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
04. Death – Individual Thoughts Patterns
05. Marty Friedman – Dragon’s Kiss
06. Scar Symmetry – The Singularity (Phase I – Neohumanity)
07. Joe Satriani – The Extremist
08. Steve Vai – Passion & Warfare
09. Patrick Rondat – Rape of the Earth
10. Dream Theater – Awake

01. Cynic – “Focus”: “When I discovered this album shortly after its release, it was a real aesthetic shock, “Focus” is a creative masterpiece mixing Death Metal, Jazz Rock, New-Age and Progressive Rock. This album has marked my musical direction forever and it is one of my main influences, it is still my favorite album and what luck, Cynic rerelease it remixed this June 9th, it is not ready to leave my turntable!

Cynic – Textures:

02. Megadeth – “Countdown to Extinction“: “One of the first Metal albums I bought, Marty Friedman’s solos had a considerable influence on my playing, the 11 tracks are fabulous from start to finish, the riffs, the choruses, each of the musicians brings their creative touch. Even though I also love “Rust in Peace”, “Countdown to Extinction” has a special aura in my heart.

Megadeath – “Countdown To Extinction (Remastered/2012)“:

03. Iron Maiden – “Seventh Son of a Seventh Son“: “Iron Maiden are a must when listening to Metal, and they have influenced so many people, myself included. The melodies, the choruses, the playing of the musicians, everything is excellent on Maiden and even more on this disc which is a jewel from start to finish and also certainly the most progressive album of the band.

Iron MaidenSeventh Son of a Seventh Son (2015 Remaster):

04. Death – “Individual Thoughts Patterns“: “The masterpiece of Death (with “Human” and “Symbolic”), everything is fascinating in this album, it’s technical Death Metal of the highest order, the musicians are extraordinary, Chuck lines up incredible compositions that he plays and sings with a fascinating aggressiveness, the rhythm section is led by Steve Di Giorgio on fretless bass and Gene Hoglan on drums, complemented by the incredible solos of Andy LaRoque. 10 masterful tracks!

Death – Individual Thoughts Patterns:

05. Marty Friedman – “Dragon’s Kiss“: “Marty’s first solo album, a musicality unmatched in the world of instrumental guitar albums, an exceptional technique, a singular exotic touch and sublime themes throughout this masterpiece.

Marty FriedmanDragon Mistress:

06. Scar Symmetry – “The Singularity (Phase I – Neohumanity)“: “Scar Symmetry is a great Progressive Metal band, I love their productions, the compositions as well as the solos of Per Nilsson who, for me, is the Marty Friedman of the 21st century, a phenomenal touch, a personal sound and extraterrestrial phrasing.

Scar Symmetry – The Singularity (Phase I – Neohumanity):

07. Joe Satriani – “The Extremist“: “Satriani remains a notable influence for many guitarists, I discovered it with this nugget, the 10 titles are varied and all equally excellent. He’s made a lot of great albums but this one for me is the most representative of “Satch’s” talent.

Joe Satriani – Friends:

08. Steve Vai – “Passion & Warfare“: “Like Satriani, Steve Vai is someone who has counted among my influences, not necessarily in his way of playing but rather in his way of understanding composition and creation. This guitarist is absolutely brilliant, very creative with ideas coming very clearly from another planet.

Steve Vai – Erotic Nightmares:

09. Patrick Rondat – “Rape of the Earth“: “Patrick Rondat is the “boss” of the instrumental guitar in France, when I discovered this album, he did not leave my turntable for a while, and I still listen to it regularly with as much pleasure. These phrasings and the atmosphere that reign on this disc are excellent. His way of arranging his compositions, his musicality, everything is there. A big influence too.

Patrick RondatRape of the Earth:

10. Dream Theater – “Awake“: “A masterpiece of Progressive Metal, from the drum intro of “6:00” to “Space-Dye Vest” to the extraordinary instrumental “Erotomania”, this album has had a huge influence on my compositions and on my desire to get involved in Prog from an early age.

Dream TheaterErotomania:

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