[New Releases] April 2021 Progressive Rock new releases

April 01, 2021The Man From RavConHeroInstrumental Progressive Rock
April 02, 2021Brian DonohoeSoundtracks For Trying TimesJazz-Rock, Fusion
April 02, 2021Robin and The WoodsMoonfallJazz Prog, Canterbury Scene[REVIEW]
April 02, 2021Vlad TepesValses ElementalesProgressive Rock, Psychedelic[REVIEW]
April 02, 2021Mythic SunshipWildfireInstrumental Psychedelic, Jazz, Space Rock
April 02, 2021TautologicWheels Fall OffProgressive Rock/Pop
April 02, 2021Jerry King – Bret HartOblique ObservationsInstrumental Avant Prog
April 05, 2021Pannonium OrchesterQuo Vadis?Progressive Rock
April 06, 2021 ConebudsEvolutionPsychedelic Rock, Stoner[REVIEW]
April 07, 2021Jeffrey Erik MackThe Forgotten EarthInstrumental Progressive Rock
April 07, 2021Doug the EagleAt Last, the 2019 AlbumProgressive Rock
April 07, 2021KeorTearoomProgressive Rock
April 09, 2021CoevalityMultiple PersonalitiesInstrumental Progressive Rock, Fusion
April 09, 2021Time TravellerChapters V & VIProgressive Rock
April 09, 2021AmbigramAmbigramProgressive Rock
April 09, 2021Nad SylvanSpiritus MundiProgressive Rock
April 11, 2021ResistorThe Fifth SeasonProgressive Rock
April 12, 2021Huxley Would ApproveGrave New World – part twoArt Rock
April 14, 2021Mourning KnightMourning KnightProgressive Rock
April 15, 2021 SineSineProgressive Rock/Pop
April 15, 2021Census Of HallucinationsA Society Of FriendsPsychedelic, Progressive Rock
April 16, 2021Sula BassanaCV SessionsInstrumental Psychedelic, Space Rock, Krautrock, Electronica
April 16, 2021RêverieOrpheusProg Folk[REVIEW]
April 16, 2021Confusion FieldDisconnection CompleteProgressive Rock
April 16, 2021Liquid Tension ExperimentLTE3Instrumental Fusion, Progressive Rock
April 16, 2021Bend the FutureWithout NoticeProgressive Rock
April 16, 2021MotorpsychoKingdom Of OblivionRetro Prog, Psychedelic, Hard Rock[REVIEW]
April 19, 2021Arnaud Quevedo & FriendsElectric TalesProgressive Rock, Fusion
April 20, 2021Tyler KamenMr. Loon and His Spectacular MachineProgressive Rock, Psychedelic
April 20, 2021French TVStories Without FingerprintsInstrumental Progressive Rock, Fusion
April 20, 2021The SettlementDeparturesProgressive Rock, Psychedelic
April 20, 2021Permian IncidentAll The Things No Tomorrow BringsProgressive Rock
April 22, 2021SchizofrantikFunk From HellInstrumental Progressive Rock
April 22, 2021KeorTearoomProgressive Rock
April 23, 2021CiccadaHarvestProgressive Rock[REVIEW]
April 23, 2021Michael WhalenFuture ShockInstrumental Jazz-Rock, Fusion
April 23, 2021MonobodyCommaInstrumental Progressive Rock, Math Rock, Fusion
April 23, 2021Blacksmith TalesThe Dark PresenceProgressive Rock
April 23, 2021Cody CarpenterMemories and DreamsInstrumental Progressive Rock
April 24, 2021Victor GoTales from McIntyre LakeProgressive Rock
April 26, 2021Ola EnglundStarzingerInstrumental Progressive Metal/Rock
April 27, 2021tRKprojectBooks That End In TearsProgressive Rock
April 28, 2021LoonyparkThe 7th DewProgressive Rock
April 29, 2021PlatinumPhantasicah (A Dreamer’s Tale)Progressive Rock
April 30, 2021Vienna CircleSecrets of the Rising SunProgressive Rock
April 30, 2021Sonic DesolutionExplorerProgressive Rock
April 30, 2021CirkusPage 12 on the RightProgressive Rock[REVIEW]

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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