[New Releases] February 2021 Progressive Metal new releases

February 1, 2021Tom VautourCathartic ThunderProgressive Metal
February 1, 2021A Fool’s MockeryEmpire of DoubtProgressive Rock/Metal
February 3, 2021Samael’s One Performer Ensemble۱ ۴ ۵ EPProgressive Doom/Sludge Metal
February 4, 2021SennightNew Takes the Old EPProgressive Metal/Rock
February 5, 2021EverdawnCleopatraProgressive Symphonic Metal
February 6, 2021ΩrionIn a Crowded Universe Part IProgressive Metal
February 8, 2021Paul WardinghamCybergenesis – Part 1Progressive Metal/Shred
February 8, 2021AraPacisWaterdogProgressive/Doom Metal/Hard Rock
February 12, 2021KorhiemDe Molle EPProgressive Metal
February 12, 2021SimulacrumGenesisProgressive Metal
February 12, 2021IntelliScienceAlphaProgressive Power Metal
February 12, 2021Immortal GuardianPsychosomaticProgressive/Power Metal[REVIEW]
February 12, 2021NephistoThe SunLord’s Reign EPProgressive/Groove Metal
February 13, 2021CryptikdawnForgotten Between Times and Reality EPProgressive Metal
February 13, 2021Slaves to FashionThe History of Heavy MetalProgressive Metal/Rock
February 13, 2021Way2FarShadows of the PastMelodic/Progressive Metal
February 16, 2021ILCordyceps EPProgressive/Groove Metal
February 16, 2021MarbleS.A.V.EHeavy/Progressive Metal
February 19, 2021Death FollowsGlare & EvelynProgressive Metal
February 19, 2021KaupeCognitive DissonanceProgressive Metal
February 19, 2021Keg’s TowerRenatus:EPProgressive Metal
February 19, 2021MastordTo Whom Bow Even the TreesProgressive Metal
February 19, 2021Aaron HoltIn the PalaceProgressive Metal/Rock
February 19, 2021August LifeThe Broken Hourglass EPHeavy/Progressive Metal
February 19, 2021Pastor BradDown & DirtyHeavy/Progressive Metal, Shred
February 19, 2021Lake of TearsOminousGothic Metal/Progressive Rock
February 21, 2021CaospectroIn Claustro EPProgressive Rock/Metal
February 21, 2021Memory DrivenWorld-PainProgressive/Doom Metal
February 21, 2021Rocket RiderRocket RiderProgressive Metal/Rock
February 22, 2021MindfarProphet of the Astral GodsProgressive Metal
February 23, 2021Cave of SwimmersAuroraDoom Metal/Progressive/Hard Rock
February 24, 2021The SplitReminiscencesProgressive Metal/Rock
February 26, 2021ByzanceQualia EPProgressive Metal
February 26, 2021KonomKonomProgressive Metal/Rock[REVIEW]
February 26, 2021MorainesThe Brute / Human, Titan EPProgressive Metal
February 26, 2021SorizonThanatos RisingProgressive Metal
February 26, 2021The Veith Ricardo ProjectStorm WarningProgressive Rock/Progressive Metal
February 26, 2021Master DyUnknown SoundProgressive Heavy Metal
February 26, 2021Zero 2 NothingLimits of TemptationProgressive Heavy Metal
February 26, 2021EvergreyEscape of the PhoenixProgressive/Power Metal
February 26, 2021InHumanInHumanSymphonic/Progressive Metal
February 26, 2021Sound the SirensSound the SirensProgressive Metal/Rock
February 27, 2021NawatherKenz IllusionProgressive Metal with Middle Eastern Folk influences
February 28, 2021AssemblerSerendipiaProgressive Power/Groove Metal

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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