[New Releases] March 2021 Power Metal new releases

March 01, 2021Sapere AudeAqua Ignisque EPPower/Folk Metal
March 2, 2021Lord SymphonyBima Suci EPEpic Power Metal
March 5, 2021Drac Attack!Drac Attack!Power Metal
March 5, 2021Preludium FuryReturn to WindirPower Metal
March 5, 2021Azagthoth PendragonFight for the KingdomSymphonic Power Metal, Ambient
March 5, 2021HeadonGénesisHeavy/Power Metal
March 5, 2021SuncrownInvincibleSymphonic/Power Metal
March 5, 2021ThoriumEmpires in the SunHeavy/Power Metal
March 5, 2021Warrior PathThe Mad KingHeavy/Power Metal
March 5, 2021WitherfallCurse of AutumnHeavy/Progressive Power Metal
March 6, 2021Marcel VerandMemorias de un Despertar: Ira & SacrificioMelodic Power Metal
March 10, 2021LovebitesGlory, Glory, to the World EPHeavy/Power Metal
March 12, 2021WarweiaLiege of the Lurking AbyssPower Metal
March 12, 2021PhallaxLex ConcordiaPower/Gothic Metal
March 12, 2021Heart HealerThe Metal Opera by Magnus KarlssonSymphonic/Melodic/Power Metal
March 12, 2021Secret SphereLifebloodMelodic Power/Progressive Metal
March 12, 2021Orden OganFinal DaysPower Metal (later)
March 14, 2021403 ForbiddenaHeroes Part 2Melodic Power/Speed Metal/Rock
March 16, 2021AvalanchCien veces [Live]Melodic Power/Progressive Metal
March 18, 2021Barque of DanteLegend of the Great Wall (长城) EPPower Metal
March 19, 2021DelorianIt Is TimeSymphonic Power Metal
March 19, 2021Germano DieniPer il mio nomePower/Heavy Metal
March 19, 2021Agent SteelNo Other Godz Before MePower/Speed/Thrash Metal
March 20, 2021TorraxPříběhyPower Metal
March 20, 2021AngeliaEl poder de tus sueñosSymphonic Power Metal
March 21, 2021Iron Attack!No Loser, No WinnerProgressive/Power Metal
March 22, 2021Total EclipseEnemy EnemyPower Metal
March 22, 2021Naoto Project ~Crystal Peach~Crystal CarriageMelodic Power Metal
March 26, 2021Animal HouseLiving in Black and WhitePower Metal
March 26, 2021DrakkarChaos LordPower Metal
March 26, 2021PaladineEntering the AbyssPower Metal
March 26, 2021MetaliteA Virtual WorldMelodic Power Metal
March 26, 2021Phoenix Rising / Fire & AshesActa Est FabulaSymphonic Power Metal
March 26, 2021Evil KingThe Dark AgeHeavy/Power Metal
March 26, 2021Silent WinterEmpire of SinsPower/Progressive Metal
March 26, 2021VolkerBannersProgressive Heavy/Power Metal
March 29, 2021HellternA World Without MercyHeavy/Power Metal
March 30, 2021GrimmreaperThe Tragedy of BeingHeavy/Power/Groove Metal
March 31, 2021Of the ColdMemory of Ash EPMelodic Power Metal
March 31, 2021Yukihisa KanataniRun Through the Night EPMelodic Power Metal

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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