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Immortal Guardian are a Progressive / Power Metal band from USA, born around 2010 and with 2 full-lemght and several singles to his credit. Latest record release “Psychosomatic,” released February 12, 2021 via M-Theory Audio, containing 10 medium length tracks, full of midway between Progressive and Power Metal textures. The album opens with the title track “ì” which begins immediately with powerful intertwining between guitar and keyboards, with a massive vocal and a constantly changing rhythm. The continuous changes are an added value, as well as the instrumental sections at times symphonic in others with solo parts of fine workmanship. An impactful track, well structured and executed, excellent choice as the tit-track. In “Read Between the Lines” the sounds are soured and increase in power, alternating however with more symphonic openings. The choral inserts are characterized by an acceleration even in the rhythmic session, for a song that recalls the dawn of the genre, a pleasant memory. “Lockdown” after a short spoken intro starts immediately strong with an accelerated rhythmic session and a powerful and expressive vocal, creating atmospheres of strong Speed inspiration. The continuous tempo changes, which embellish the piece, are very interesting, as are the solo inserts. “Phobia” starts very rhythmic and with modern and electronic sounds, powerful and with continuous tempo changes. The vocal is warm and expressive adapting itself to the best in both solo and choral parts. In the instrumental section the pulled guitar solo is very interesting. We are in the middle of the album with the track “Clocks” which begins with an intertwining of arpeggios that turns into a more rhythmic and elaborate theme. The vocal is dense and adapts well to the various situations and the piece, which is constantly changing, full of tempo changes. A strong impact track, one of the best on the record. “Self-Isolation” is a short 39-second arpeggiated and instrumental passage that guides us to the next track. “Candlelight” begins with a heavy interweaving of intricate riffs and virtuosic traits, and then with a quick change to accelerate and return to the classic sounds of the band. The vocal is powerful and choral, while the structure is classical and linear, but with a solid and mature rehearsal with the second part opening up, accelerating and leaving room for a good guitar solo. pleasantly lets you listen from beginning to end. The longest track on the album “Find a Reason” between vocal intertwining and softer melodies, also features a good vocal rehearsal, with an intense singing. The intensity increases with the passage of the song, which in the second part offers a long instrumental section enriched by intertwined solos of guitar and keyboards. One of the most expressive tracks on the album. Closes the album “New Day Rising” which begins with a soft arpeggio on the piano, and then immediately gives life to a powerful and accelerated piece with a massive rhythmic session. Heavy guitar riffs, softer traits of their sound mix with harder openings, resulting in a great closing track. An interesting listen, which highlights the band’s ability to mix harder and accelerated moments with softer and more symphonic openings. The rhythm session is solid and manages the continuous tempo changes, one of the added values of their ever-changing sound. A mature album, recommended for lovers of sounds between Prog and Power Metal by personal characters.


2.Read Between the Lines 06:01
3.Lockdown 04:12
4.Phobia 06:13
5.Clocks 05:12
6.Self-Isolation 00:39
7.Goodbye to Farewells 05:50
8.Candlelight 05:24
9.Find a Reason 07:00
10.New Day Rising 05:56


Gabriel GuardiolaGuitars, Keyboards
Carlos ZemaVocals
Justin PiedimonteDrums
Joshua LopezBass

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