[New Releases] July 2021 Power Metal new releases

July 1, 2021As Night FallsAwarenessSymphonic Power Metal
July 2, 2021CeresTyrant’s Rise EPPower Metal
July 2, 2021Dream TröllRealm of the TormentörPower Metal
July 4, 2021LycantrosRéquiem Por Un Hígado Perdido EPPower Metal
July 6, 2021Emerald RageHigh KingPower Metal
July 7, 2021FireGateBlood BathPower Metal
July 7, 2021FireGateDistant ShoresPower Metal
July 7, 2021FireGateEat the FleshPower Metal
July 7, 2021Ancient MythArcheoNyxPower Metal
July 7, 2021DoomsdayLeyendasPower Metal
July 7, 2021AethernumAside from City EPPower Metal
July 8, 2021DarksteelDarksteel EPPower Metal
July 9, 2021DialithAtrophy EPPower Metal
July 12, 2021Thunder and LightningLive over BerlinMelodic/Power Metal
July 14, 2021矢島舞依Heretical Soul EPSymphonic Power Metal
July 16, 2021Cauldron BornLegacy of Atlantean KingsPower Metal
July 16, 2021PowerwolfCall of the WildPower Metal
July 16, 2021VandorOn a Moonlit NightPower Metal
July 16, 2021MalacodaThe Strain EPGothic/Power Metal
July 16, 2021An Ancient Legend, Long ForgottenKingdomPower Metal
July 16, 2021ThorAlliancePower Metal
July 18, 2021Beyond DimensionsMythos EPPower Metal
July 23, 2021Eons EnthronedInto the ArcanePower Metal
July 23, 2021Wings of DestinyMemento MoriPower Metal
July 23, 2021RebellionWe Are the PeoplePower Metal
July 23, 2021Yngwie MalmsteenParabellumPower Metal
July 24, 2021Preludium FuryVictory of the ChampionPower Metal
July 26, 2021End of HorizonsUnleash the ForcePower Metal
July 27, 2021Valentin Lezjenda’s Speed of DarknessАльтернативная реальностьPower Metal
July 27, 2021Black MondaySector Inc.Power Metal
July 28, 2021Scarlet ValseApocalypsisSymphonic Power Metal
July 28, 2021HyloxalusAposematic EPSymphonic/Power Metal
July 28, 2021LoudstormMetal BattleroyalNeoclassical/Power Metal
July 28, 2021AsuraRealizePower Metal
July 30, 2021BlackSwordAlive AgainPower Metal
July 30, 2021RavenlawFor the Sign of Trident CrossedPower Metal
July 30, 2021AlterGeistThe Hourglass EPMelodic Power Metal
July 30, 2021Kiko ShredRebellionHeavy/Power Metal
July 30, 2021Axel Rudi PellDiamonds Unlocked IIHeavy/Power Metal
July 31, 2021NervousCheckmateHeavy/Power Metal

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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