[New Releases] July 2021 Progressive Metal new releases

July 1, 2021Giant’s KnifeOracleProgressive Metal
July 2, 2021RinokGrace & KnowledgeProgressive Metal
July 2, 2021Solare SanctumSolare Sanctum EP Progressive Metal
July 3, 2021Robyn FergusonThe Waking World EP Progressive Metal
July 3, 2021Serpens CaudaCerebral Encounter EP Progressive Metal
July 4, 2021AbstractianBox of Frogs (Poison)Progressive Metal
July 7, 2021Krzysztof SłowikowskiMega Man 3 Guitar Playthrough (Revised)Progressive Metal
July 7, 2021AethernumAside from City EP Progressive Metal, Power Metal
July 8, 2021Nothing NearThe Tears EP Progressive Metal
July 9, 2021Leviathan ProjectEdge of Time EP Progressive Metal
July 11, 2021Krzysztof SłowikowskiMega Man Guitar Playthrough (Version 2)Progressive Metal
July 13, 2021Terror en Camino NegroNegronomicon Ex-CaminiAvant-Garde/Experimental, Progressive Metal
July 15, 2021DecimalsSymmetryProgressive Metal
July 15, 2021HereticFeastProgressive Metal with Middle Eastern influences
July 16, 2021ElectroquteTanpasinProgressive Metal
July 16, 2021BulbModerately Fast, Adequately FuriousProgressive Metal
July 18, 2021Beyond DimensionsMythos EP Progressive Metal, Power Metal
July 19, 2021UnFacedFilary SzaleństwaProgressive Metal
July 21, 2021BrooticusShredded to Life EP Progressive Metal
July 21, 2021Mehul KananiLegacy EP Progressive Metal
July 21, 2021MDSPiano Impro 12Progressive Metal
July 23, 2021Dream TheaterA Dramatic Tour of Events – Select Board Mixes [Live]Progressive Metal
July 23, 2021The Numbers & the NarrowsThe Numbers & the NarrowsAvant-garde/Experimental, Progressive Metal
July 25, 2021Sonic EmpireFear Every ContactProgressive Metal
July 26, 2021Probably HumanFrail Smiles EP Progressive Metal
July 26, 2021End of HorizonsUnleash the ForceProgressive Metal, Power Metal
July 27, 2021MDSPiano Impro 13Progressive Metal
July 29, 2021TrebuchetHarbingerDoom , Progressive Metal
July 30, 2021Eastern HighHaloProgressive Metal
July 30, 2021Mind ChasmDividing Cycles EP Progressive Metal
July 30, 2021Loch VostokOpus Ferox – The Great EscapeProgressive Metal
July 30, 2021AngraØmni [Live]Power Metal, Progressive Metal
July 30, 2021NovenaLive from Home EP Progressive Metal
July 30, 2021SennightNew Takes the OldProgressive Metal
July 31, 2021TimeshockPolarizedProgressive Metal
July 31, 2021MDSAvoid Progressive Metal

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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