[New Releases] March 2021 Progressive Metal new releases

March 1, 2021MurnauSalamanderProgressive/Doom Metal
March 2, 2021Tragic HeightsTomorrow EPProgressive Metal
March 3, 2021ReflectionsIIIProgressive Metal
March 5, 2021Flesh of the StarsMirror / Vessels EPProgressive Doom Metal
March 5, 2021James MoodyEternityProgressive Metal/Shred
March 5, 2021Rod1313Dark Clouds EPProgressive Metal/Shred
March 5, 2021Timeless HauntDark For LifeHeavy/Progressive Metal
March 5, 2021WitherfallThe Curse of AutumnHeavy/Progressive Power Metal
March 6, 2021Heyoka’s MirrorThe Uninvited KingProgressive Metal
March 6, 2021Right StrippedDaylight into DarknessProgressive Metal
March 8, 2021Rob BurtonEvent HorizonProgressive Metal/Rock, Shred
March 9, 2021Beyond the BorderVoycesProgressive Metal
March 9, 2021EstriverOutcryProgressive Metal/Rock
March 9, 2021Hell Ever AfterThe First Circle EPProgressive/Symphonic Metal
March 10, 2021Stefan PetanovskiErosProgressive Metal/Shred
March 12, 2021Dylan FurrThe Final ReturnProgressive Metal
March 12, 2021Red Eye TempleVortexProgressive Metal
March 12, 2021Tragic HeightsNowhere to Hide EPProgressive Metal
March 12, 2021ArchangelThird WarningProgressive Metal/Rock
March 12, 2021TurbulenceFrontalProgressive Metal/Rock
March 12, 2021AcrylazeaA Cavalcade of Cosmic CalamityAvant-garde Progressive Metal
March 12, 2021Secret SphereLifebloodMelodic Power/Progressive Metal
March 12, 2021Jordan RudessA Chapter in TimeNew Age, Progressive Rock/Metal
March 14, 2021The Stoopid Good LookingsBelow EPProgressive Metal
March 14, 2021The Stoopid Good LookingsThe Silence EPProgressive Metal
March 15, 2021Memory DrivenOn the Shoulders of GiantsProgressive/Doom Metal
March 16, 2021AvalanchCien veces [Live] Melodic Power/Progressive Metal
March 17, 2021Shade of MemoriesGlaciers of TomorrowProgressive Heavy Metal
March 18, 2021Sola ScripturaOvercomeProgressive Black Metal
March 19, 2021Arret’s OdysseyArret’s OdysseyProgressive Metal
March 19, 2021Egor LappoTrancevoicerProgressive Metal
March 19, 2021Devin TownsendAcoustically Inclined – Live in Leeds [Live]Progressive Metal, Ambient
March 19, 2021ScaraSatonScaraSaTon EPProgressive Metal/Shred
March 19, 2021StalemateUpheavalProgressive/Alternative Metal
March 19, 2021DvneEtemen ÆnkaProgressive Sludge/Stoner Metal
March 20, 2021Alexandra ZernerSilhouetteProgressive Metal/Rock
March 21, 2021TerravoidEctogenesis EPProgressive Metal
March 21, 2021Iron Attack!No Loser, No WinnerProgressive/Power Metal
March 23, 2021Bent2BreakIs0l4ti0n EPProgressive Metal
March 23, 2021Kieran Zane RobertsDeath BlossomProgressive Groove Metal
March 26, 2021Aziola CryThe Ironic DivideProgressive Metal
March 26, 2021Odd DimensionThe Blue DawnProgressive Metal
March 26, 2021SchysmaSchysmaProgressive Metal
March 26, 2021Silent WinterEmpire of SinsPower/Progressive Metal
March 26, 2021Distant PastThe Final StageProgressive/Melodic Heavy Metal
March 26, 2021VolkerBannersProgressive Heavy/Power Metal
March 26, 2021Tony TearsThe Atlantean Afterlife (…Living Beyond)Doom Metal/Progressive Rock/Experimental
March 27, 2021QuieteRiflessiProgressive Metal
March 28, 2021Meursault OmegaCold ThirstProgressive Heavy/Doom Metal
March 28, 2021BlasfëmöBlasfem0 EPStoner/Doom Metal/Progressive Rock
March 31, 2021Astral OceansVacant Systems EPProgressive Metal
March 31, 2021Horizon WavesFreedom of Mind EPProgressive Metal
March 31, 2021One-Armed BanditThe Bandit ShowProgressive Metal

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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