[New Releases] May 2021 Progressive Metal new releases

May 1, 2021Concept InsomniaIdentidied EPProgressive Metal
May 6, 2021Ex DoloEx Dolo EPProgressive Stoner/Doom/Post-Metal
May 7, 2021Artem IllusioArtem IllusioProgressive Power Metal
May 7, 2021Binary CreedInferno Part One EPProgressive Power Metal
May 7, 2021Fragment SoulAxiom of ChoiceProgressive Metal/Rock
May 7, 2021Mega BeardoFrom Beyond the Gradient EPProgressive/Heavy Metal
May 7, 2021Sûr Solo ProjectArt Museum of GodProgressive Metal/Shred, Djent
May 9, 2021ExistentiaThe Planet in the UniverseProgressive/Melodic Metal
May 11, 2021TeramazeSorella MinoreProgressive Metal/Rock
May 12, 2021Edu FalaschiVera CruzPower/Progressive Metal
May 13, 2021InmundusVae VictisProgressive Metal
May 14, 2021Canvas SolarisChromosphereProgressive Metal
May 14, 2021WolverineA Darkened Sun EPProgressive Metal
May 14, 2021Subterranean MasqueradeMountain FeverFolk/Progressive Metal/Rock
May 19, 2021六合化生 EPProgressive Metal/Rock
May 19, 2021Niels VejlytOpus AbsoluteNeoclassical Progressive Metal/Shred
May 21, 2021Eternity OpensThis Brief Gap of LightProgressive Metal
May 21, 2021Gn0sisPro TerraProgressive Metal
May 21, 2021AjanaThe Alley’s LanternProgressive Doom Metal
May 24, 2021DeltaFearsNeoclassical/Progressive Metal
May 25, 2021EmergentsEpochProgressive/Alternative Metal[REVIEW]
May 26, 2021InstrametalExitio ProphetiaeProgressive Metal
May 28, 2021The Vicious Head SocietyExtinction Level EventProgressive Metal
May 28, 2021GlassgodAncestral StoriesProgressive Symphonic Metal
May 28, 2021Wine GuardianTimescapeProgressive Heavy Metal
May 28, 2021Mike SalowThe HuntProgressive Metal/Shred

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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