[New Releases] May 2021 Progressive Rock new releases

May 01, 2021Jack DuponLa République Dominicale du ZooAvant Prog
May 01, 2021Davey DoddsThe Rite of SpringProg Folk
May 01, 2021ResistorThe Fifth SeasonProgressive Rock
May 03, 2021The Arc Light SessionsThe Poetry in ContemplationSymphonic Prog
May 07, 2021KayakOut Of This WorldSymphonic Prog
May 07, 2021JordsjoPastoraliaSymphonic, Prog Folk
May 07, 2021The Samurai Of ProgThe Lady and The LionProgressive Rock[REVIEW]
May 07, 2021Single Celled OrganismPercipio Ergo SumProgressive Rock[REVIEW]
May 07, 2021SketchshowWAVESProgressive Rock, Math Rock, Fusion
May 07, 2021ChanceOriginal WorldsInstrumental Progressive Rock
May 07, 2021Spirits BurningEvolution RitualInstrumental Progressive Rock, Space Rock
May 07, 2021Bernardo LanzettiHorizontal RainRock Progressivo Italiano
May 10, 2021BreezeThe Breath of the NorthSymphonic Prog
May 12, 2021HabitatHans, la Niña y el PríncipeProgressive Rock
May 14, 2021Joe BaileyGhostsProgressive Rock
May 14, 2021Billie Bottle and The MultipleThe Other PlaceProgressive Rock
May 14, 2021Frost*Day And AgeProgressive Rock
May 14, 2021AcolyteEntropyProgressive Rock/Metal
May 15, 2021Victor GoTales from McIntyre LakeProgressive Rock
May 21, 2021WatershapeYou Are NotProgressive Rock/Metal
May 21, 2021Standard Human ExperieceNever BelongHeavy Prog, Neo Prog[REVIEW]
May 21, 2021Pale MannequinColours of ContinuityProgressive Rock
May 21, 2021EvershipThe Uncrowned King- Act 1Progressive Rock Opera
May 21, 2021Laura MeadeThe Most Dangerous Woman in AmericaArt Rock, Progressive Rock
May 21, 2021Pennies By The PoundHeat Death Of The UniverseNeo prog[REVIEW]
May 28, 2021KarmamoiRoom 101Progressive Rock
May 28, 2021GraularAshesNeo Prog[REVIEW]
May 28, 2021The WringProject CypherHeavy Prog[REVIEW]
May 28, 2021SylvanOne to ZeroProgressive Rock
May 28, 2021ComsografRattrapanteProgressive Rock
May 28, 2021Silver Lake by Esa HolopainenSilver Lake by Esa HolopainenProgressive Rock/Metal
May 28, 2021RazaSpace PiratesInstrumental Symphonic Progressive Rock/Metal
May 28, 2021Wine GuardianTimescapeProgressive Rock/Metal
May 28, 2021Various ArtistsA Tribute to Pink Floyd – Still Wish You Were HerePsychedelic, Space Rock
May 28, 2021Jack O’ The ClockLeaving CaliforniaAvant/Folk/Chamber Progressive Rock

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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