[Review] Emergents – Epoch

Emergents is a young band from Georgia, USA that offers a very promising Progressive Rock with Hard Rock and Alternative ingluences. Their second full-length “Epoch” was released on May 25, 2021 and contains 11 medium- to long-length tracks. The opener “It’s a Tarp!” it starts with hard guitar riffs and a dark atmosphere, the rhythm session is intricate and the heavier influences are immediately felt. The vocal is more Alternative and alternates solo parts with other choirs, while the sound imprint is markedly modern and the band mixes the various genres well. The tempo changes are also good with the band passing from more melodic moments to harder ones with technique and ease. The second track “Development” starts off strong with a tight and elaborate rhythm and hard guitar riffs approaching Metal, while the vocal adapts well to the intricate situations of the song. Skilled in the compositional phase to create complex passages but at the same time accessible and flowing, giving a personal imprint to their sound always halfway between Prog, metal and Alternative. In the second part where we find a long instrumental section the band showcases technique and original ideas. “Grain” features an aggressive vocal over an intricate rhythm session and virtuosic guitar passages with the ever-changing structure. The tempo changes are skillfully managed, resulting in an added value of their sound, fresh and modern, giving the genre a projection towards the future. “March of the Soul” always presents an elaborate structure but with a softer atmosphere than the previous ones, and then increases in intensity as the song develops. The guitar guides the sound and in the central part a change takes the song towards Prog Metal with virtuous inserts and very pleasant continuous tempo changes that accompany us until the final. In “Layers” the band mixes more melodic parts and more Heavy openings, with a more Alternative sound both in the music and in the aggressive vocals. The instrumental passages are interesting, rich in tempo changes and elaborate and technical inserts with a good solo in the second part. “Alkaline” is the longest track on the album at over 8 minutes in length and starts with layering guitars and a solid rhythm session. After a first part with the singing, in the central instrumental section it becomes softer and then increases in intensity with the return of the vocal. The last minutes of the piece are in decline with dilated sounds. Sharp synth sounds open “Gaze” a futuristic sounding track that incorporates Metal and Prog with a massive dose of Alternatives. All the musicians collaborate on the sound without exceeding the virtuosity but putting their technique at the service of the band. “Bare Mourning” is a more linear and less complex track that alternates softer moments with openings with distorted guitars and a choral vocal. The second part of the piece, on the other hand, is enriched by tempo changes and constantly changing rhythms, giving their personal touch to the piece. The shorter track “Essential Order” begins with a tight drum and powerful sound, where the Alterntive component is predominant. A powerful piece that slows down in the second part offering a softer instrumental section and then accelerates and closes with the initial theme. “Burn” is the softest of the album, even if there is no lack of electric guitar cues, but overall the atmospheres are softer. In the second part a short guitar solo in the instrumental part and the singing returns for the last verses and the track ends. Closes the album “Trading Faith” which begins with an intertwining between keyboard and guitar on which a solid rhythm session is inserted. One of the darkest and most powerful tracks on the album, where the voices intertwine, the sounds are a mixture of electronics and distorted guitars, and the aggressive sound. An album that pushes more on the Alternative component more Metal than Rock, with Prog passages and a high level individual technique. The band has their own well-defined sound that shows personal traits that definitely project their music into the future, suggesting that they still have so much to say and give. A listening recommended for lovers of more modern sounds and close to the Heavy music of prog Metal, where there are certainly good ideas. Not really for the purists of classic Progressive sounds, as the inserts of more modern styles and genres are marked, but still a recommended and pleasant listening.


1. It’s a Tarp! (06:56)
2. Development (06:23)
3. Grain (05:44)
4. March of the Soul (06:15)
5. Layers (05:12)
6. Alkaline (08:44)
7. Gaze (05:14)
8. Bare Mourning (05:55)
9. Essential Order (04:36)
10. Burn (05:07)
11. Trading Faith (05:01)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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