[News] Adarsh Arjun releases the track “Hide N Seek” featuring Haken’s Richard Henshall

Hide N seek” is the first release from the upcoming album “Aches and Echoes” by Indian multi-instrumentalist Adarsh Arjun. An amazing news to be noted about this song is the collaboration with Richard Henshall, a popular British Progressive Metal multi-instrumentalist who runs one of the most famous bands in UK Haken has performed a guest solo in the track. In addition, Antony Vargheese has played drums alongside Antony Nellissery on Bass for this track.

Purchase and stream the track through the Bandcamp player below:

Adarsh Arjun is an independent solo artist from Kerala, India. He composes, plays guitar, does all the programming stuff and mix for his independent music tracks. He is passionate about creating new genres by blending different kinds of music. His core music style is Progressive Rock/Metal and Djent.
He is influenced by independent musicians like Plini , David Maxim Micic

Watch the official video for the track through the YouTube player below:

Music : Adarsh Arjun
Guest Solo : Richard Henshall
Drums : Antony Vargheese
Bass: Antony Raphael Nellissery

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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