[News] Aeons published the guitar playthrough video for “Thoughts Of A Dying Astronaut”

On September 10, 2021 Aeons released their stunning second album of breathtaking Progressive Metal, “Consequences.” Hailed across the globe for its magnificent performances and beautiful song writing, “Consequences” has lifted Aeons‘ profile, spreading their name far beyond the shores of their home on the Isle Of Man. The release of “Consequences” was accompanied by a powerful video for opening track “Rubicon” and now the band have decided the time is right for a very different visual representation of their music to be unveiled. We can present to you a new guitar playthrough video for one of the most epic and multifaceted tracks from “Consequences” “Thoughts Of A Dying Astronaut.” Recorded in Red Lyon Studios on the Isle Of Man, the video shows guitarists Si Harvey and Scott Sayer playing their intricate parts in close-up detail.

You can watch the “Thoughts Of A Dying Astronaut” playthrough video now at the Aeons YouTube channel:

Consequences” is still available from the Aeons Bandcamp page and from AmazoniTunes and Spotify.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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