[News] AMS Records to reprint Asia Minor’s cult debut album “Crossing The Line” on CD and Yellow LP

AMS Records releases the reissue of the first album of the historic Prog band. The 1979 debut of the Franco-Turkish formation: CD papersleeve and yellow vinyl, remastered audio and new graphics. On September 3 in concert in Veruno.

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Asia MinorCrossing The Line

AMS Records | BTF Vinyl Magic
[9 tracks | cd papersleeve | Lp gatefold yellow]

Crossing the Line is the debut album by Asia Minor, a historic cult Progressive band founded by Setrak Bakirel and Erik Tekeli, two Turkish students living in Paris. In recent years AMS Records has undertaken a work of enhancing the historical catalog of Asia Minor, but also the publication of the reunion album, the appreciated “Points of Libration.”

Crossing the Line” was released in 1979 and, as in the case of the subsequent “Between Flesh and Divine,” with the exception of some keyboard sounds it remains deeply rooted in the Progressive Rock sound of the early 1970s, as very few others were able to do at that time. An already mature debut for the band, here as a trio (Setrak Bakirel – vocals, guitar, bass / Eril Tekeli – flute, guitar, bass / Lionel Beltrami – drums) with Nick Vicente guest on keyboards, able to forge an album complex but perfectly flowing, supported by a very solid rhythmic section and characterized by the perfect alternation between enthralling and energetic moments and dreamy and canterburian atmospheres.

This reissue completes the reinterpretation of the Asia Minor catalog, after the recent reissue of “Between Flesh and Divine.” Another indispensable album, released on CD papersleeve and on 180gr yellow vinyl. (gatefold cover and new internal artwork) with audio remastered in June 2021 at Dominique Blanc-Francard’s Labomatic Studios. On Saturday 3 September Asia Minor will be highly anticipated in concert at the Veruno Prog Festival.

Cover design: Camille Bakirel / Cover layout: Chouchane Bakirel.

Purchase the album here: https://ams-music.it/wp/crossing-the-line-cd/

1 Preface 04:25
2 Mahzun Gözler 08:18
3 Mystic Dance 01:44
4 Misfortune 04:42
5 Landscape 04:03
6 Visions 05:44
7 Without Stir 01:53
8 Hayal Dolu Günler Için 04:47
9 Postface 02:14

Asia Minor:
Drums, Percussion / Lionel Beltrami
Guitar, Flute / Eril Tekeli
Keyboards / Nick Vicente
Voice, Guitar, Bass / Setrak Bakirel

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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