[News] AMS Records to reprint the cult album “Between Flesh and Divine” by Turkish band Asia Minor

Between Flesh and Divine” is the second album by Asia Minor, a Progressive Rock cult band founded by two Turkish students living in Paris, Setrak Bakirel and Erik Tekeli, still part of the line-up that in 2020 released, again on AMS Records, the “Points of Libration” album, a splendid return immediately appreciated by international critics.

Between Flesh and Divine” was released in 1980 but it does not seem at all affected by the influences already in vogue at the time – new wave, postpunk, dance, electronic music – and indeed, like very few other LPs of the same period, it keeps alive the flame of a sound, that of the ‘real‘ Progressive Rock of the early ’70s, which over the years had almost died out completely. Asia Minor‘s love for King Crimson, Genesis and Camel is expressed at the highest levels between the grooves of “Between Flesh and Divine,” defined by many as a true masterpiece in the light of those difficult years and the evocative force of a music out of the time, where the flute of Erik Tekeli and the keyboards of Robert Kempler stand as protagonists. An album to be rediscovered, which unfortunately had no success at the time – the band disbanded to reform almost forty years later! – and which is probably still missing in many discographies among Prog Rock fans. Basic.

CD papersleeve edition with extended artwork, enriched by new illustrations created for the occasion by Anouch Bakirel. 180gr Turquoise Vinyl Edition. with gatefold cover and new internal artwork. Audio remastered in June 2021 at Dominique Blanc-Francard’s Labomatic Studios.

AMS: https://asiaminor-ams.bandcamp.com/album/between-flesh-and-divine

BTF: https://btf.it/prodotto/asia-minor-between-flesh-and-divine-cd/

1 Nightwind 6:26
2 Northern Lights 7:46
3 Boundless 3:11
4 Dedicace 6:12
5 Lost in a Dream Yell 7:41
6 Dreadful Memories 2:51

Asia Minor:
Lionel Beltrami / Drums, Percussion
Eril Tekeli / Guitar, Flute
Robert Kempler / Keyboards, Bass
Setrak Bakirel / Voice, Guitar, Bass

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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