[News] Artistic Kraut Progressive Rock trio Anderes Holz shares wild new video “Swan”

Anderes Holz are a mad and effervescent mixture of Artistic Progressive Rock, melody-addicted Art Pop and stomping Krautrock: with electric forest zither and theremin, field recordings, percussion, hand siren, Japanese wind gong, with Experimental German lyrics and the unforgettable stage show around the flying stone. New album “Continuo” is set for release on May 20, 2022 on Tonzonen Records.

This is a magic theater and butoh and Avant-Garde with crazy make-up, props and costumes. A stark and mesmerizing live act in a trio outfit.

The band released the brand new fun video single “Swan,” where you can get an idea of the ferocity of the band in a nutshell!

Anderes Holz tell us that: “in the first lockdown in 2020, we asked some friends and fans to send us videos of them performing to Swan. What came next completely knocked our socks off. We could have made a zillion videos with that footage. They used the video to be creative at lockdown, to dance, and most of all to have fun.

Unfortunately, fate then struck the band in the form of a serious illness (all is well again!), so the video has only just been completed.

It was really mega fun to watch our friends and it confirmed to us that this song is just fun.

Watch the official video for the track “Schwan” through the YouTube player below:

In 2018 Anderes Holz released the debut album “Fermate” on STF Records. Now, in 2022 the second album “Continuo” will be released on May 20th on Tonzonen Records.

Visionary produced are the albums by US-american producer Matt Korr. The conceptual artwork comes from Kazakhstan by Anton Semenov.


  1. Şıfr
  2. Morgenwelt
  3. Stereo Indigo Track
  4. Fase
  5. Globus
  6. Neume Track
  7. Schwan
  8. Butō
  9. Čopor
  10. Philia

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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