[News] Asia Minor publish the video teaser of the third album “Points of Libration”

AMS Records is proud to announce the third album of the reformed Franco-Turkish band Asia Minor, a true international Progressive legend. Plans includes the reissue of the bands back catalog as well. Watch the video teaser of the third album “Points Of Libration” below:

Fantastic news for AMS Records, which welcomes the upcoming new album by the reformed band plus the reissue of its two records dated 1979 and 1980, much loved by Progressive lovers from all over the world.

The third record of the legendary Franco-Turkish band is scheduled for the first months of 2021. It will be a new flagship for AMS, not new to host foreign bands in its catalog such as All Traps on Earth or celebrities from the 70s as Raccomandata Ricevuta Ritorno, Locanda delle Fate or Maxophone.

Asia Minor is a Franco-Turkish progressive rock band, led by two Turkish musicians who settled in Paris as students back in the 70’s: Setrak Bakirel (vocals & guitar) and Eril Tekeli (flute & guitar). Their early music revealed influences such as King Crimson’s “In The Court Of The Crimson King”, Jethro Tull’s “Stand Up”, Camel, Focus, or Jade Warrior’s first albums. Their brilliant Progressive Rock is deeply mixed with rhythms and atmospheres from traditional Turkey’s music. “Crossing the Line” (1979) and “Between Flesh and Divine” (1980) are generally considered as some of the best international successes for the genre. Beautiful themes, strong and original, are intricated with subtle arrangements, enhanced by a nostalgic and soulful singing. Flute’s nervous and airy parts underline guitar’s raucous or lyrical notes. A melancholic and sometimes furious music, with texts mainly written in English (and occasionally in Turkish).

Spurred by the unwavering support from fans around the world, the band decided to reconvene in 2013, giving live concerts and composing new music featured in their forthcoming 3rd album, “Points of Libration“. Keeping the band’s distinctive mix between Western & Eastern influences, this new album is proof that after so many years, Asia Minor remains faithful to its style and has lost nothing of its creativeness, stamina and originality. In addition to the 2 original members, the current line-up includes Evelyne Kandel on bass, Micha Rousseau on keyboards and Julien Tekeyan on drums.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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