[News] Beast Eagle share the official music video for the track “Open Sky” taken from their new album

Omaha, Nebraska based Heavy Rockers Beast Eagle share a music video for the track “Open Sky” from their latest self-titled EP, out on April 21, 2023 via Iron Head Records / Golden Robot Records. Watch the video through the YouTube player below:

The self-titled EP from Heavy Rockers Beast Eagle is out now on Iron Head Records as the sophomore release from the band.

With a thunderous rhythm section and soaring vocals, this riff-Heavy 5 song EP is sure to take you on a ride. Lyrically inspired by the obstacles moving through a lifetime, it’s bound to strike a heart string!

Midwest Heavy Rockers Austin L’Ecuyer, August Sievering, Nick Olmsted, and Kate Prokop are the brains behind the up and coming band, Beast Eagle. With a thunderous blend of gritty and riffy guitar lines, a beefy and driving rhythm section, and soaring vocals to top it off, this band’s groove is intoxicating.

During the pandemic when live music was at a stand still, it was 2020 when the Omaha natives made the decision to join, write, and help keep the vibrant music scene alive.

After being discovered and signed to Iron Head Records / Golden Robot Records in 2022, and with a self-titled EP being released in 2023, Beast Eagle is on track for success.

Purchase and Stream “Beast Eagle here: https://orcd.co/beast-eagle-ep

01. Heavy Bones
02. Distorted
03. Down Like The Sun
04. Open Sky
05. Illuminate

Kate Prokop
/ Vocals
Austin L’Ecuyer / Guitar
Nick Olmsted / Bass
August Sievering / Drums

Beast Eagle |Official Website|Facebook Page|Instagram|Spotify|

Iron Head Records |Official Website|Facebook Page|Instagram|

Golden Robot Records |Official Website|Facebook Page|Twitter|Instagram|Spotify|YouTube Channel|

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