[News] Between The Buried And Me’s “Colors” set for double vinyl reissue

US Prog Metal quintet Between The Buried And Me are to have their 2007 album “Colors” reissued as a double vinyl by Craft Recordings on December 11, 2020. The new reissue has been remixed and remastered by its original producer, Jamie King, at his Raleigh, North Carolina-based Basement Studio.

The innovative “Colors” is widely regarded as a highlight of the North Carolina quintet’s releases, featuring 64 minutes of continuous music, split seamlessly between eight tracks: from the opening piano lines of “Foam Born, Pt. A” to the cornerstone “Informal Gluttony” to the epic, 14-minute closing opus “White Walls.”

“Colors was the moment we decided to put all of our creative energy on the line and just go for it,” says singer Tommy Rogers. “We wanted to create the most unique and diverse record we could possibly make, and at the same time, create something that represented us as a group more than we had ever done before. After all these years, I’m still very proud of this moment we created together. It’s been a blast digging in again and hearing it in this new light. Jamie King did a phenomenal job as always, and I’m very happy for our fans to dive in with us!

“Just when you thought all hope was gone in 2020, we inject new life into this 13-year-old record!” adds bass player Dan Briggs. “When Colors originally came out in 2007, CDs were the hot item, and only punk bands and DJs were putting out vinyl. We tried to get Craft to press it on Betamax to really preserve the true warmth of the album—and push into the next generation of reviving old formats—but, alas, we have a bad-ass version on a 12-inch vinyl record. Also, the bass is louder in Viridian!

Between The Buried And Me‘s most recent release was the two-part “Automata” album in 2018. The band are currently celebrating their 20th anniversary this year.

Pre-order “Colors“: https://found.ee/btbam-colors-r

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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