[News] Clive Mitten re-works early Twelfth Night’s tracks for new album

Former Twelfth Night member Clive Mitten has announced that work is underway on a new C: Live Collective release which will see Mitten and singer Mark Spencer re-working a raft of early Twelfth Night material in an “orchestral and cinematic” style.

An epic re-working of “The Collector” and “Creepshow” form the centrepiece of the new music, as well as “Love Song.” There will also be a 25-minute orchestra suite entitled “Jan Six Hits The Cryptic Suite Spot” comprising the following Twelfth Night tracks:

Afghan Red
After the Eclipse
East of Eden
East to West
End of the Endless Majority
Fact and Fiction
Human Being
The Ceiling Speaks
The Poet Sniffs a Flower
We Are Sane
World Without End

This is something I have long wanted to do,” explains Mitten. “Much of the music I wrote and have always seen more ideas in many of the pieces than has been shown to date.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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