[News] Desbot release the hypnotic title-track taken from upcoming new album “Pass of Change”

Art As Catharsis is proud to announce the release of Desbot’s debut record “Pass of Change” – a Groove-Heavy Post-Rock record dripping with sludgy influence. The band release the hypnotic title-track as a single and available on all majosr streaming services.

Purchase and stream the track here: https://lnk.to/PassOfChange

With flashes of influence of MogwaiIsis and Planning for BurialDesbot’s debut full-length is an exploration of Heavy, Progressive Post-Rock. Featuring hypnotic grooves, unexpected progressions, and a beautiful attention to texture and ambience gives listeners a plethora of reasons to appreciate “Pass of Change.”

More than anything, the central theme of Pass of Change relates to our process; it’s essentially a lockdown album that we wrote in isolation,” begins drummer Tom Pierard. “Rather than having a premeditated theme the music ends up being a reflection of our combined lived experience – we’ve all had a fairly turbulent time emotionally over the last two years and the music tells that story. Our workflow was to write independently then share sections of demos, then we’d run with each others’ ideas in our own way.

An offshoot of writing ‘in the box’ meant that we got pretty experimental at times, and as a result our overall sound as a band was able to mature and expand into sonic areas we hadn’t used in Occult Tapes (the band’s debut EP). I think our sound is more refined with these tracks, and we’ve each learned a lot about how our individual voices sit within the overall Desbot sound, if that makes sense.

While pandemic constraints caused production delays on Pass of Change,” the crisp, tight sounds heard on the record’s final release emphasises the value of patience. Each track contains differences – some subtle, some glaring – making each track on the album worth exploring in continued depth. For lovers of New Zealand’s burgeoning Post-Rock scene and intricate, lengthy, heavy music, Desbot’s “Pass of Change” is a must-hear record that will surely leave a mark on the scene.

Desbot‘s new album “Pass Of Change” is out 14 October on Art As Catharsis. The album’s first single, Moonlit Forest, is out now.

Pre-order the album on Bandcamp: https://desbot.bandcamp.com/album/pass-of-change


1. Moonlit Forest 04:20
2. Crying Eyes
3. Where I Stand
4. No Response or Benefit
5. Eclipsed
6. Youth
7. Pass of Change
8. All of Us Together
9. The Wind and Rain


Maurice Beckett / Bass
Nick Blow / Keys
Tom Pierard / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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