[News] EBB publish the live video for “‘Mary Jane” at Hawkfest 2021

Official Press Release (EBB‘s official YouTube Channel):

EBB‘s latest single “Mary Jane” was written in August, 2021 just one week before Hawkfest. Due to fan feedback, we decided to release this live footage of it to give you something to listen to until we release the official single! Watch the video through their YouTube official channel below:

The single will be out soon via Boudicca Records and it will be available from the label’s official website: https://www.boudiccarecords.com/shop

EBB are a genre defying group of 5 women and one guy; musicians who live within a pagan art collective. Coming from very different social and political backgrounds, they play an eclectic blend of music styles resulting in Prog-Rock…sort of.​

On top of their, at times, thunderous soundscapes are the titanic but always beguling vocals of Erin Bennett; the Texan, award-winning singer/songwriter.

Described variously as “being the bastard daughter of King Crimson and Heart.” or perhaps more cheerfully, “Prog with songs!“​

EBB are truly riveting to watch live.

EBB |Official Website|Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Twitter|Instagram|Spotify|YouTube Channel|

Boudicca Records |Official Website|Facebook Page|Twitter|YouTube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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