[News] Elder ask for help from fans and friends to find all the equipment missing on a Lufthansa flight

The Progressive/Stoner band Elder posted a message on Facebook asking for help from anyone who might have contact with Lufthansa or Frankfurt Airport after all the band’s musical equipment went missing:

This is a desperate attempt, but do any of our friends work for airlines or have contacts (in particular with Frankfurt airport)?!

Lufthansa lost ALL of our equipment on a trip from Sardinia to the Tuska Festival in Helsinki five days ago, and to date we still have no information.

Among our 8 missing suitcases are two custom guitars, a bass guitar, thousands of dollars worth of pedals, cables, a sampler, [drum] cymbals and merchandise. Without this equipment we cannot play concerts, rehearse or work on our music.

We desperately need news, if anyone can help please send an email to elder@beholdtheelder.com

On a reply to a fan who asked if it was possible to help the band financially, Elder wrote:

Thank you. At the moment we hope to find, at best, someone who can help us find our things, as all airports are understaffed and overloaded with work. We hope that the equipment can be found, but timing is of the essence for us!

To help the band you can also visit one of their profiles:

Elder |Official Website|Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Twitter|Soundcloud|Spotify|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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