[News] ESP Project to release 5th studio album “Phenomena”

Phenomena is the fifth release from Tony Lowe’s ESP Project on Sunn Creative and was written, arranged and performed by Tony, between January and June 2020. The album also features Damien Child who wrote the insightful and imaginative lyrics once again, and added the vocals at the end of May, with a special guest appearance by Alison Fleming on vocals on Track 7.

Phenomena” has all the hallmarks of previous ESP albums with alluring melodies and stirring arrangements. Tony’s guitar and synth play haunting themes, weaving over symphonic rock at its most dramatic and uplifting, all interspersed with strange altering scenes and soundtracks that suggest dark and fascinating interiors to this music. ‘phenomena’ is rhythmic and captivating yet strong and hopeful in all the right places.

Pre-orders are now available at Bandcamp: https://esp-prog.bandcamp.com/album/phenomena

Track List
1. First Flight
2. Before Saturn Turned Away
3. Telethesia
4. Fear of Flying
5. Living in the Sunrise
6. Sleeping Giants
7. Seven Billion Tiny Sparks

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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