[News] Finnish Prog Darkness Is My Canvas published the official music video for the track “Bleed” off new album

A few months ago, the Finnish Prog Rock band Darkness Is My Canvas was announced as a new addition to the Rockshots Records roster with the release of the first single from their upcoming album called “The End of Times”, which is scheduled to debut in October 2024. They are excited to unveil their newest single “Bleed”.

Darkness Is My Canvas seamlessly blends elements of Rock with modern Prog sounds, offering at the same time a melodious, immersive, and lively musical experience. Drawing inspiration from the complexities of everyday life, Darkness Is My Canvas infuses its music with themes of resilience, introspection, and hope.

Musically, “Bleed” embodies the classic Darkness Is My Canvas sound, traversing from enchanting melodies to surprising rhythmic complexities. Melodic guitar passages by Panu lead the listener toward anthemic choruses, while robust drumming provides a sturdy foundation for the song’s narrative, brought to life by Pete‘s impassioned vocals.

“Originally featured on Darkness Is My Canvas’ debut EP, “Monsters,” in 2022, “Bleed” quickly ascended to become a staple in our live performances. However, as we embarked on the recording journey for our upcoming album, “The End Of Times,” slated for release in October 2024, it became evident that “Bleed” justified a new perspective. With detail-oriented re-recording, the song gained new life during this process, and now it sounds like what we originally envisioned. We added more grit to almost every part of it, and re-vamped guitars, bass, and drums. We created the soundscape more on par with other songs to be released from the album.” adds the band.

“Bleed” is a song filled with beautiful guitar melodies and airy synthesizers. The chorus is epically melodic and easy to sing along to. Then, in the middle of the track, it ventures into some really bizarre musical territories… Before it returns to a stadium-sized chorus as if nothing weird happened. The biggest differences in the remake are in the vocal harmonies towards the end of the song. The theme of the song is self-harm, based on experiences within the band’s close circle.

The video for the song was created with super-talented and mastermind Anita Emphis.

Watch the video through the Youtube player below:

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Pete / Lead Vocals
Panu / Guitars
Fellu / Bass Guitar
Juza / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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