[News] FireForce the Belgian war machine is back with a new album

The Belgian Power Metallers FireForce publish two official videos for the singles “Ram It” and “Firepanzer” taken from the new upcoming album “Rage Of War” due out on January 15, 2021 via ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records, watch them below:

Ram It

Ram It” on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/00hPr197Fk2FBCw1zjYLEM


Firepanzer” on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/40wkcSPUx7TQ8ojv98AgNK

Rage Of War” is the fourth album by Belgian heavy metallers FIREFORCE. The album was produced by R.D. Liapakis and Bob Briessinck and with the renowned Henrik Udd behind the mixing and mastering desk, the band rediscovered their tight, driving heavy metal; like a panzer at full-throttle! Twelve (ten on the LP version) intensely powerful songs that will definitively put the power in their combat metal. At the same time, many pleasant harmonic and melodic components are sure to make an impression. The concept of the album remains unchanged: historical events through the ages that determined our world today. Battles and bravery, madness and war… “Rage Of War” is a Heavy metal call to arms, a powerful combat story-telling amalgamation of pounding drums, tight guitar riffing, heavy duty bass lines, lead themes and soloing melodies all around and of course, furious vocals give voice to the war lyrics and describe the blood, the loss and the courage in a battlefield! This record sounds solid, heavy and it will definitely be the Heavy Metal must-have record for all the true metalheads around the world! The combat never ends! March or DIE!

Jens De Vos (Panda Productions ) / Director, Camera & Editing
Nick Tronckoe / Production Assistant

Panzers to:
Eric Stoop, Guido Hoet, Danny Smolders, Aboudi Ezzideen / Hard working crew
Isabelle Jonckheere / Crew and catering
Debby Suetens-Verelst / Assistant to Mr Suetens, props and runner
Glenn Seghers / Assistant to Mr De Combe and runner
Jens De Vos, Enya Kennis, Nick Bertels / photographers
Sara Lachi, Ian Roland / location


01. Rage Of War
02. March Or Die
03. Ram It
04. Firepanzer
05. Running
06. Forever In Time
07. 108-118
08. Army Of Ghosts
09. Rats In A Maze (CD exclusive)
10. A Price To Pay (CD exclusive)
11. From Scout To Liberator
12. Blood Judge (CD exclusive)
13. Tale Of The Desert King (Vinyl exclusive)

Digital single of “Ram It” is now available across all digital and streaming platforms!

Pre-Order the physical version: https://www.musicmegastore.com/?s=fireforce+-+rage+of+war

Pre-Order the digital version: https://rockworld24.bandcamp.com/album/rage-of-war

Pre-Save the digital stream: https://backl.ink/143372632

Available on Digipak CD, Oxblood Red Vinyl (Ltd 300 copies) & Digital streaming/download format.

Matt “Hawk” Asselberghs / Vocals, Guitars
Erwin Suetens / Guitars
Serge Bastaens / Bass
Christophe De Combe / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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