[News] Great Master publish the video of “Black Death 2020”

The Great Masters announce the video of “Black Death” a piece that comes from the past to interact with the present, with the current situation linked to the Coronavirus that has affected many states and millions of people.
Simone Mularoni’s mastered song can be downloaded for free through the band’s bandcamp: https://greatmasterband.bandcamp.com/

The video can be viewed at this link:

At a time like this of great difficulty for all, we decided to dust off, with the new line-up, one of the songs from our second album “Serenissima“, which tells of the black plague that hit Venice in 1348, the analogies with what is happening now they are, with due proportions, for all to see. We did it once and we will do it now!

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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