[News] Hällas reveal new official video for “Carry On”

Official Napalm Records Press Release:

Swedish Psychedelic Adventure Rock quintet Hällas have been turning heads and taking names in the scene for years, but 2020 saw their undisputed breakout with the stunning album “Conundrum” out now via Napalm Records.

One of the album’s catchiest tracks “Carry On” featuring a timeless, stardust-like scattering of infectious guitar lines and booming, yet haunting vocal performances – can now be experienced in a whole new light via a brand new music video. Straight from the studio, this new video showcases the band up close and personal, providing a window into their passion and unique musical insight. Get ready for another cosmic journey through their vintage-inspired sound spectrum!

The release of “Conundrum” showcased the band as one to watch, and now, their acclaim and success has been cemented even further: Hällas were recently nominated for a P3 Guld Award in the Rock/Metal category! Initiated by Swedish radio stations, P3 Guld is The Swedish award, highlighting the most standout talent in Swedish popular music every year. You can vote for Hällas here: P3 Guld Campaign

Watch the new video for “Carry On” below:

Order “Conundrum” via CD/Vinyl through the Napalm Records Official Website: https://napalmrecords.com/hallas

Read the article about the 2021 tour dates:

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