[News] Hammerheart Records to release remastered limited edition of Trouble’s “Live In Stockholm”

Following the 2CD reissue of Trouble‘s “Simple Mind Condition,” Hammerheart Records will release remastered limited edition of “Live In Stockholm” on September 2, 2022 for the first time on vinyl.

Simple Mind Condition” reissue will be also available on vinyl on August 12, 2022 and unveil the video for “End Of My Daze” through the label’s YouTube channel:

Live In Stockholm” has Trouble riffing through a fantastic greatest hits setlist that will leave no fan untouched! Finally availble on vinyl for the first time! Remastered and cut in DMM!

Trouble were invited by Leif Edling and Candlemass as special guests. The vinyl release (on CD it is available as a bonus disc that we added to the remastered deluxe CD edition of “Simple Mind Condition” covers all 14 tracks the legendary Doom Metal pioneers played that evening, and by hearing Trouble in action you can hear where the band leader of Candlemass, Leif Edling, was inspired. The whole gig is 75 minutes, and the guys serve us the best (lets call it a “Greatest Hits” set) from their long career on a fantastic 2-LP.

Everything is played with an incredible passion and love for the music, and it’s really fun to hear the old Doom Metal icons on stage. Eric Wagner didn’t move too so much, he mostly hung over his mic with shades and a cigarette, but that turned out great, because of his amazing voice that was still intact.

The tracklist should speak for itself with classics like “R.I.P.,” “Fear,” “Psalm 9,” “Run To The Light,” “The Skull” and more!

Pre-order vinyl edition here: troublemetal.lnk.to/liveinstockholm

Trouble’s comeback album “Simple Mind Condition” was already reissued on May 20, 2022 as deluxe 2CD edition, features a fantastic “Greatest Hits” set played live, known as “Live In Stockholm” on CD 2, all fully remastered!

• CD comes as a deluxe edition with slipcase
• Fully remastered by Erwin Hermsen at Toneshed Studio
• This is Trouble, the legendary Metal band from Chicago
• Comeback album from 2007 recorded by producer Vince Wojno
• Features a bonus CD with a full live-set full of Trouble’s best songs recorded in 2003

Here we have Trouble returning with “Simple Mind Condition,” after a long hiatus (twelve years had passed since the release of “Plastic Green Head“), taking once more to the skies of Metal. Some complaints and criticism followed upon its release which are not really fair. Although fat and Doomy stomps as on “Psalm 9” and “The Skull” are not present in abundance, nor are the Stoner Metal speed assaults of the self-titled “Trouble,” but neither those have been present really since the self-titled came out. “Manic Frustration” was a killer album, no doubt, but different being focussed on Hard Rock and not the Doom and Stoner influences. “Plastic Green Head” remedied this problem, to impressive standards and resulted in another great Trouble album. This album features songs that are well-written and have a lot of Sludgy Stoner hooks, and are drenched in Eric Wagner’s (R.I.P.) woe-is-me penmanship. Overall, a very good album, a convincing album worth your listening time. Those expecting the past could be a little bit disappointed, but those who will give the time to this album will find a hidden treasure in it.

The label decided to add a true gem to the re-issue, being the full set from their reunion show in November 2003, recorded live in Stockholm, Sweden. This is nothing short but an absolute fantastic Trouble live-set and the tracklist will speak for itself, all killer no filler!

Pre-order vinyl edition here: troublemetal.lnk.to/simplemindcondition


  1. R.I.P.
  2. Come Touch The Sky
  3. End Of My Daze
  4. Plastic Green Head
  5. Fear
  6. Memory’s Garden
  7. The Misery Shows (Act II)
  8. Psalm 9
  9. Run To The Light
  10. All Is Forgiven
  11. Psychotic Reaction
  12. The Skull
  13. Revelation (Life Or Death)
  14. The Tempter

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