[News] Hexvessel reveal cover song for Misfits “Halloween”

Couple of days behind, but still. Finland’s Hexvessel have produced (for the Halloween occasion) a cover song of the Misfits “Halloween,” which was originally released in 1979. The cover was recorded, mixed and mastered by Kimmo Nyssönen at Space Junk. Watch the video below:

On Hexvessel‘s cover of the Misfits “Halloween“, Mat McNerney says: “I grew up with the music of Danzig, Samhain & Misfits. Glenn‘s lyrics and voice will always be synonymous with a dangerous feeling of the occult, an initiation into a life-long appreciation of darkness. I wanted to bring out a different aspect of the song Halloween, that is present in the lyrics and atmosphere of the original, the way I hear it and feel it. I wanted to emphasize what Danzig‘s music meant to me as a rite of passage into dark music and for the chilling words to disclose their inherent power. It’s about the atmosphere of what the Misfits felt like when I first heard them, as much as it is about the song itself (which, like all Danzig songs, is perfection in song-craft). If you like your cover songs to be complete re-interpretations and have a life of their own, then you will understand where this is coming from. I always liked the ideas of Tori Amos‘ cover of “Reign In Blood” or Reverend Bizarre‘s “Dunkelheit” more than straight interpretations. Most of all this is a small tip of the hat to our fans for selling out the first pressing of our latest album Kindred. Blessed Samhain and Happy Halloween to one and all!

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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