[News] Home Brewed Universe released “Traitors in Trial” feat. Tanushree Saha

Progressive/Post-Metal band Home Brewed Universe released “Traitors in Trial” feat. Tanushree Saha. Stream the track through the YouTube player below:

Traitors In Trial” indulge in the Epic Cinematic Metal soundscapes along with vocals for the first time in a Home Brewed Universe song.

As the title births some curiosity in you, “Traitors in Trial” is a song about a Renegade, an Imposter, a Judas, a Whistle Blower, who is unforgiven and receives a sentence of execution for his unaccounted felonious actions.

Written in the modern times, but the patterns still remain the same, the storyline still keeps repeating over and over again like the universal fractals, for us to keep singing about the same cycles and lessons that we have encountered in lifetimes, the only thing that matters is to ask ‘have we learned from them though.’ Because mind it, if you haven’t learned from them, they will keep showing up.

This is also about the character of a strong space warrior, who is able to rain on their enemies, by just being herself. This soul is very protected, by her Ancestors & Spirit team, she is in alignment with the right star combinations. When it comes to her, All ILL goes back to the sender. Hence, even the Death Spells from her enemies did backfire.

Listen or Download: https://ffm.to/mzrjmvq

Song Credits:
Tanushree Saha / Vocals & Lyrics
Arka Sengupta (Home Brewed Universe) / Guitars, Keyboards & Programming
Brian Christopher Bangera – Mixing & Mastering

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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