[News] Hyde XXI published the lyric video for the track “Silvan” taken from new album

Spanish Prog Metallers XXI published the official lyric video for the track “Silvan” taken from new album “Immorthia” out on October 15, 2021. Watch the video through the YouTube player below:

After 7 years, the band returns with new compositions. Album recorded and mixed by the great M. Ángel Riutort «Mega» at the Psychosomatic Recording Studios in Mallorca and mastered by Maor Appelbaum (Dream Theater, Sepultura, Sabaton, etc). The cover is the work of Amón López and the photograph by Tuco Martín.

Official Press release (Hyde XXI website):

Inmorthia” is the name of the new album by the Mallorcan Hyde XXI. In this album the band makes clear the usefulness of the Ars Magna‘s automaton machine up to the current influence of the automation of society through Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In the 13th century Ramón Llull proposed the development of a machine called Ars Magna, capable of making logical demonstrations to validate or refute theories.

At “Inmorthia“, the band Hyde XXI pays tribute to Ramón Llull (1232-1316). On the one hand, a tribute through the incorporation of the Ars Magna wheel on the cover of the album, being integrated with a planet as the central element.

And on the other hand, for the first time in history (that is known) the band has used the Ars Magna wheel for automated music creation. Precisely some of the melodies of the songs “Manifesto XXI” and “Immortal” were created using the Ars Magna, adapting the wheel, translating the lyrics into musical notes and from the statements contained in the lyrics of the songs on the album.

The Ars Magna was designed as a mechanical automaton that, theoretically, would demonstrate the validity of the dogmas of the Christian faith and, even, of the existence of God. With this machine Ramón Llull made the automatic reasoning of Truth possible. The truth, a concept that is currently in crisis due to the appearance of the phenomena of fake news and post-truth.

With the current Artificial Intelligence, many unknowns arise. Will a new Artificial Intelligence that surpasses intellectual capacity and escapes human control be possible? Would AI come to decipher the soul and human consciousness? Would AI represent an evolution or an extinction of the human race as we know it today?

Both the Ars Magna of 1315 and the more current Artificial Intelligence share the same objectives. The search for knowledge, truth and progress. The success or failure of the development of Artificial Intelligence in the next 50 years will mean an acceleration or a slowdown in the advancement of our society.

Technological progress, new possibilities for human-machine interaction together with artificial intelligence and dystopia, are the basis of the stories of Inmorthia‘s songs. The final musical result of this album is the best that the band has composed throughout their entire musical career.

For this next 2022 the band will present the album with a multidisciplinary and innovative show.

Purchase the album on the band’s official website: https://www.hydexxi.net/discografia/


01. Manifiesto XXI
02. Control
03. Inmortal
04. Cadenas
05. Etnias II
06. Réplica
07. Silvan

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