[News] Oddplay published the official video for the single “Vices” taken from new album

Bulgarian Psychedelic Rockers Oddplay published the official live in studio performace for the single “Vices” taken from their fifth studio album “Heritage” released on December 17, 2021. Watch the video through the YouTube palyer below:

Official Press release:

The up-and-coming Psychedelic Rockers of Oddplay, based in Varna, Bulgaria, have come out with their fifth studio release titled “Heritage,” which continues to develop and evolve the band’s signature sound. Not content to stand pat and rest on the very positive reception of their previous outings, Oddplay continue to exhibit their impressive creative jolt, releasing a 12-track album, which hits the peaks of their best work and continues to refine their style.
The opening track “Vices” sets the stage for what is another thrilling journey through the twistedly artistic (or artistically twisted) minds of these young and thirsty, but already experienced musicians, as it deftly transitions from a softer, spiralling introduction into a heavier melodic strum. This theme maintains throughout the album, with an ebb and flow that is mirrored in how the tracks are sequenced – where “Jam of Stone” is upbeat and hits fast and hard, “Deboned lamb head” carries a more laid-back and evocative tune; where “Organic Sense” is rhythmic and deep, almost underwater, with a sense of playful funk, the following track “Quell” is a slower, more methodical plunge into more rugged and powerful sounds. “Lady Hawk” also bears mention as a stand-out among an entire track-list of beautifully composed Psychedelic Metal, with its mean-mugged bass and cosmic guitar riffs building up into a dynamic and fiery crescendo, which then smoothly transitions back into a slow burn Psychedelic delight.
What more is there to say, really? All that’s left is to listen. Oddplay have come out once again guns blazing, aiming for our hearts and minds, and they are not taking any prisoners. For anyone who appreciates good music, this album is a must.

Purchase “Heritage” on Bandcamp: https://oddplay.bandcamp.com/album/heritage


1. Vices 04:06
2. Jam of Stone 05:22
3. Deboned Lamb Head 03:47
4. On the Surface 03:34
5. Thoughtless 03:21
6. Blindfolded 04:02
7. Borrow our Time 03:49
8. Tainted Heritage 03:26
9. Lady Hawk 04:13
10. Organic Sense 03:19
11. Quell 04:38

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