[News] Ignore The Distance released the single “Spare Soul” taken from their debut EP

London, UK based Progressive Metal project Ignore The Distance released the single “Spare Soul” taken from their debut EP “To My Dearest Turmoil” out on October 24, 2023. Stream the track through the YouTube player below:

The song is built on a catchy riff, originally conceived a few years ago, which immediately struck me as a perfect chorus for a metal tune and platform for soloing. It was melodic yet aggressive, and kept playing in my head for 7 years until it was crystallised into Spare Soul – a reminder to give myself a second chance and become a better version of me.” – Ignore The Distance

How long does it take to bring an idea from an embryonic stage to a fully developed product? And how much does the idea change its creator rather than the other way around? And how many turns does the traveller have to take before getting to his destination?

These questions cannot be answered until the process is over – only from that vantage point it is possible to look back and finally appreciate that reward may not be solely in the final result, but in the journey itself. It is from this perspective that the artist describes the progress of bringing this EP to a completion in what has been a constant turmoil between joy and struggle, where a multitude of ideas were rejected, superseded and rejigged until they found their ultimate shape.

The three songs represent three different statements: “The Accident” is an uplifting beginning, “Spare Soul” is a more aggressive nod to modern metal narrative and “Kolorowych Snów” an Experimentation with odd meters and airy ambience. They are presented in the EP in the same order they were written as a celebration of the journey from beginning to end.

Purchase the tracks on Bandcamp: https://ignorethedistance.bandcamp.com/


Michele Beraldo / Guitars and production
Marcin Palider / Bass
Anup Sastry / Drums
Widek / Mix and Master

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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